Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Girls in San Antonio/End of March Madness

The girls had a blast in San Antonio and I enjoyed my little break, but it is definitely good to have them back again (and Mike too :-). Ella has been talking non-stop about tea parties with Chloe and wearing a Belle dress - such a treat! Here are some pictures Mike's mom passed along (and there was a cute one of Addie and Chrissy dancing, but as a favor to Chrissy I'm not posting that one - :-) you can thank me later):

Well, March Madness is over! I was surprised Kansas won it all after falling short of expectations the past few tournaments, but the final game was a great one. Congrats to Liz and JP, who I know were cheering hard for them :-)! Here are the final results from our little group:
I didn't even include the final round because no one got any points - crazy!....Maybe next year I'll win the $10,000!

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The Chrissy Herself said...

HA! yea, that was not a cute day. I was SO sun burned, and really didn't care :) if the picture you did put up of me some how made the cut, then I can't even imagine how nasty the one's look that you didn't put up!! haha.. so THANKS MARCI!!! :)