Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Her Hidden Talent

So, Addie has a special ability for unscrewing things - it is her hidden talent. I don't know how she manages it, but she has been able to unscrew lids for the past couple months. We first discovered this when she unscrewed some bubble bath I had on the ledge of our bathtub and dumped it all over our bathroom floor. Yesterday she was playing with my makeup as I got ready. I put mascara on one eye and then looked down to see that in that short time frame Addie had dumped all my black powder eye shadow everywhere. I stuck her in our bathtub so she couldn't make things worse while I cleaned up - she didn't appreciate it :-)!

We had Joy School yesterday also (tomorrow is my last day teaching - hooray!):

Followed by dance later in the afternoon. The little recital is next Friday and I'm curious to see what happens when 5 little 3-year olds realize they are performing for an audience :-).


Sarah S said...

I hope you put a video of the dance recital on your blog!

the sound of that black eye shadow mess made me cringe... good luck cleaning :)

Hope said...

Is the dance recital on a school day because I would really like to come.