Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Our Zoo Trip

This year's trip to the zoo was thankfully filled with much less drama than last year's! I did forget the double stroller but luckily realized it only 10 minutes into the trip so we turned around to pick it up. We had a great time! Ella was most excited about the zebras (last year they were doing construction by their exhibit so we didn't get to see them) and the seals doing tricks and Addie loved the monkeys and the birds (but pointed at anything she noticed moving :-). It was a perfect day for the zoo weather-wise...now that we've had our annual trip I'll be ready for the summer weather, bring it on! I just need to try and remember next year to go to the zoo before the end of the school year rush of field trips; sharing the zoo with 2,000 elementary school children can get tricky. Here are lots of photos from our day (I've been posting more pictures since I'm going to publish my blog and use it as a photo album for our family each year, so skim through if you get bored!):

We were in a covered walkway and this eagle was chilling there, pretty close to us and there was no net between us - it was amazing!

Addie was not into sitting with statues for pictures for some reason. I attempted another shot of the girls by an elephant statue and Addie screamed and clung onto me with such desperation I was afraid people would think I was abusive if I tried to take her picture and gave up.

The girls had very different reactions when the carousel began to move...Ella overwhelming elation, Addie overwhelming terror!

Addie took control of the map...where to next?

I've always loved monkeys - they are hilarious - imagine the fun a pet monkey would be :-)! This little orange guy completely made my day though. He was hysterical and was totally trying to escape! He tried with all his might to unscrew some bolts and then ran over to another little opening to see if he could manage anthing else. I wish I would have caught it on video, but just looking at this one picture makes me laugh all over again :-)!

You know your day was a success when the kids pass out instantly on the drive home :-)!


Kendall and Lee'sa said...

How cool you got to see the seals do tricks! OK, my sister and I have been trying to figure out how to make it into an album or published or whatever you do....how is it done???

Marci said...

I'm using www.blurb.com to make my book - I'm almost done with 2007.

Pineapple Hill said...

It's looks like that was so fun! I think Nana better come along for the next zoo trip.

Sarah S said...

So fun!! It looks so warm there and sunny too. We're back to spring weather in the 30s, 40s and 50s. Not fun. I'm glad you made it to the zoo - those pictures are great!

Wireman said...

I didn't know the Houston Zoo was
so nice. It looks like you all
had a great time.