Thursday, April 3, 2008

Pink Party

Well, today for Joy School we were supposed to have a party where the girls were told a "special guest" was coming whom they each loved (we had guesses on who this could be ranging from Jesus to Moms to pets - it was cute!). I decided since we have all girls in our group, who all have the favorite color pink, we would make it a PiNk PaRtY - much more exciting! We made a special treat for our guests (pink cupcakes) and a special gift (macaroni noodle necklaces) and eventually the girls found out that this special guest was themselves. I think they all had a lot of fun. These first pictures are of my girls last night, but since their jammies were pink, I figured they were ok to be included in this post... Addie's thinking, "Oh man, pictures again! Enough already!"... and I just love her in action in the one below!
Ella has not been able to star in many of our movies lately, so I'm putting up this one of her cute talking voice.
Dad left Ella a surprise cupcake this morning so I let her eat it after breakfast - she thought it was sooo exciting :-)!
My happy helper in action (she actually always asks to feed Addie and is starting to be a big help!)
Here we are in our head-to-toe pink, ready for the fun to begin!

If you are like me and have never colored noodles before here is some info just for you...the Joy School manual said to put the noodles in containers with rubbing alcohol and food coloring and cover them, mixing occasionally until the desired color is achieved. I was getting everything set up and realized I was not going to have near enough rubbing alcohol to cover all the noodles so I called my mom, who I knew was a noodle-coloring pro :-). She said she didn't remember ever using anything other than straight food coloring and that she put the noodles in ziplock bags and smeared the color all over them. So, I combined these two methods...I put the noodles in a ziplock bag with some food coloring and a little rubbing alcohol to help smear the color easier. I let them sit for about 30 minutes and then layed them all out to dry on paper towels. The alcohol did make the kitchen stink for a little while, but this morning when the noodles were dry they didn't smell at all (which I had been concerned about).
When lunch time arrives it is always a loud erruption of everyone trying to tell me all about the fun items they have in their lunch (and repeating them over and over until I acknowledge them). As you watch this remember this is as it is all dying down - by the time I had the thought to record it and waited for my camera to turn on I had missed the height of excitement.
The last time I was at work a woman with newborn quadruplets came in (they were 4 months old, but teeny tiny still) - I had the thought this afternoon that this will be what everyday is like for her by the time her children reach age 3!
Addie discovered the cupcakes and stood there pointing and trying to "tell" me that she wanted one too!
Playing peek-a-boo behind the little strips of streamers (because obviously I could not see her :-) and then popping out.
Addie and her rocks...this is her new obsession. She stands at the back door until I let her out and then she goes and collects some rocks and brings them in the house to play with (and eat). Today I had to take them all away though, which was really sad!, because I could hear her teeth grinding on them - it gives me a chill to think about it!


Kendall and Lee'sa said...

How cute! I'm glad you put a video up of them all in their pink clothes!

Sarah S said...

Ella's voice is so cute!! I love all of those pink pictures