Saturday, April 5, 2008

What to do First?

Well, I just watched my entire little family drive off to San Antonio without me. Do you realize what that means?! I am in my house all ALONE :-)! I don't think I have ever been here by myself - at least not since Addie has been born - what freedom! They are staying the night there with Mike's family and coming back tomorrow night. I do have to work tonight, but besides that I am looking forward to some quality "me" time!
Some of the things I would like to do during this 24-hour period include, but are not limited to, the following:
**Enjoy the beautiful weather we are having and get some sun!
**Read some magazines and possibly my new book-club book if it comes in the mail today (it came!)
**Catch up on laundry (still have to iron though)
**Watch some girly shows on TV that Mike wouldn't like, but I LOVE)
**Start putting together the "About Me" books for Joy School) (key word=start)
**Go dress shopping for MY dress for Britt's wedding (and take my time trying things on)
**Enjoy only worrying about what I need to eat for a day (and try not to worry about whether the girls are getting enough good things to eat without me)
**Start putting together my 2007 book on (I have decided I am not going to order prints of all my pictures anymore but will publish a book of my blog for each year...2007 here I come!)
**Clean the downstairs really well - especially kitchen and the floors
**Sprawl out on the whole bed to sleep tonight
**I'm adding fertilize the front/back yard and order pics on Sam's club because these have taken a lot of my time!(yes, I'm one of those people who adds things to my list just so I can cross them off)

Thanks to Mike's fam for helping make sure my girls return safe and sound - they are going to have sooo much fun - Ella has been so excited (and told me I can come next time)! I know I'll be so ready for everyone to get back too though-I already miss them :-)!


Sarah S said...

what girly tv shows do you like to watch?

I think it's a weird feeling just being in the car without at least Eli - it would be strange to not have them home for 24 hrs... enjoy your break though! It sounds fun.

Brittany said...

Wow you have some lofty goals! You'll have to report how much you got done, but you're pretty hard core you'll probably do all them and more!