Thursday, May 29, 2008

And my selections are....

So, I had some requests to let everyone know what I ended up choosing from The Frog and The Princess with my gift certificate and I just placed my order! After looking through lots of fun items (the ones I pictured earlier, cute tutus, a necklace for me, etc.), I decided to get Ella a new blanket. I still had some money left so I threw in the pink butterfly wand too :-).My Grandma made Ella her quilt (aka: blanket or blankie) before she was born and it was the one thing she really bonded with. She has slept with it EVERY night since she was a little baby. As a result it has had to endure many washings and despite Nana's best efforts to keep it together in one piece, it is reaching the end of it's little life span. Recently when I told Ella that we may have to look for a new one she told me, "But I LOVE my blankie!" She helped me pick out this new one and I think it will be perfect for her (not to mention super cute AND free!). She loves to run her little fingers all around the edges of it and since the new one has the little border it should be a great match! We'll see :-). Here are some pictures of Ella bonding with her blanket as a baby and the current condition of her beloved buddy.


Kim said...

Wow! That is one loved little blankie.

And we were glued to Lost last night too. I have no idea why a show that leaves you so confused every week is so addicting. And yes, I couldn't get into it until I started from the very beginning.

Pineapple Hill said...

That new blanket will be perfect and you sure can't beat the price! Grammie should feel so good
to know how LOVED that blanket is!