Wednesday, May 14, 2008


May's book club selection is Anthem by Ayn Rand. I was surprised at how short the book was - the edition I ordered actually has 2 versions in it (one edited for reprint in America and the original w/ markings from the author), so it looks twice as long as it really is. I finished the book in 2 workouts - now that's my kind of book :-)! No, but really it was quite interesting, offering a glimpse into how a society in which the individual means nothing and the good of the group is priority would be. I'll be curious to see what topics our discussion of this one brings up. I have come to realize since attending book club meetings that I would never have succeeded as an English major. I have always enjoyed reading, but to me it is purely for pleasure. I read the story without looking too far into the details or hidden meanings. Sure, a good book will still cause me to ponder certain details of my life or the characters' lives, but in the end I either think, "Yeah, that was a good book!" or "Well, it was ok." Some of the ladies bring up very interesting questions about comparisons between characters or turning points in the plot, that once asked I plainly see, but never thought to notice on my own. I have a feeling this book will make for a very interesting check it can start and finish in a couple hours, why not?!

Since I am way ahead of the May game :-) I started re-reading the The Poisonwood Bible. It has been years since I first read and all I really remembered was that I LOVED it. I want to suggest it for the book club schedule next year, but decided I should make sure my memory hasn't failed me before recommending it to others. So far, so good!

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McKell and John said...

I loved the book Anthem, very interesting! But I LOVE Poisonwood Bible! I love all of that author's books. I just forgot her name...