Monday, May 5, 2008

Birthday Mania

It is definitely that time year for our family...5 birthdays to be celebrated in 2 weeks! We celebrated Hope's birthday with my family yesterday with an enchilada dinner - yum, yum. She turned 12 which is sooo bizarre :-), but so exciting for her! This week my brother Mack and both of Mike's parents celebrate their big days as well so HAPPY BIRTHDAY to everyone!
Here are more pictures from yesterday, including our rushed pics before church. We were running late, but I like to capture them all dressed up, so I had Mike hurry and take couple shots.
Here is our nursery group at church. I was taking pictures of the kids for a Mother's Day craft for next week and thought they all looked so cute with their little snack. Addie feels like she is so big sitting at the table with them :-). Only 2 kids were missing yesterday and both were boys so the guys who were there were greatly outnumbered!From the family party (Addie and Ella love other people's birthdays nearly as much as their own I think because of the cake and ice cream):

Trying on shoes from Nana's closet (Ella is such a girly-girl right now! Hope got some new jewelry for her birthday too and Ella went on and on about how beautiful it was) and more "action" shots of Scott and Hope doing flips on the trampoline (which Addie thought was HILARIOUS)...

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Sarah S said...

I love Addie's laugh - so cute!