Thursday, May 1, 2008

Crossing to Safety

I finished reading Crossing to Safety by Wallace Stegner for my book club last week, but never got around to writing about it. I really enjoyed the book, but we all know I'm not very picky...I don't think I've written a bad "review" yet :-). This book however caught my interest right at the beginning unlike most of our book club selections. It is the story of 2 couples and the friendship they build together - examining the relationships between the members of the 4 over time. I felt there were parts of each person that I could identify with and as a result that causes you to evaluate yourself in a way that I felt was very cathartic. Our book club discussion about the characters was interesting as well. I commented that reading about this strong friendship made me wish Mike and I had a couple we were such close friends with. Another woman from the group said that she doesn't think it is healthy for a marriage to have such a tight bond with another couple though, which I found interesting and have thought about since. I think in her opinion it can cause distance in your marital relationship when you are possibly turning to a friend for your emotional needs and support before your spouse, and I can agree with that. I'm not very good at writing reviews because I never know how much is too much to say about a story without giving something away. I would definitely recommend the book. You truly get to know and understand the characters in a way that causes you to forgive most (not all) their flaws because you understand why they have them. You also get to see how the roles in the friendships change as circumstances do and how those circumstances really develop us into the people we ultimately choose to become.

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dr_b_rock said...

I LOVE stegner. I recommend any of his other books as well!