Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ella's Graduation & Addie being Addie

Today Ella "graduated" from Joy School. She definitely enjoyed the year and it was a great opportunity for her to make friends with some of the little girls in the ward. She gained confidence in herself and in her ability to make friends, which I think was so important for her. Although we loved our Joy School experience, thanks to the great group we had, I am very excited for Ella to go to her "real" preschool in the fall :-) and she can't wait either! I can't believe the year is over and summer is already here (although our HOT weather is definitely helping me become a believer)!

Ella is so far not into performing, but I was proud of her for standing up in the front still :-)! I think Addie is going to be our performer...she says hi to everyone we meet and loves to stand in the front with the teacher during library storytime and wave to the "audience."

Lauren's birthday is this week, so after our potluck lunch the girls sang and got to eat cupcakes. Addie quickly figured out what was going on at the table and came over begging me "Please, please."

Addie's latest mischief includes figuring out she could crawl under the baby gate. Yesterday my friend Katherine and I were sitting at the kitchen table talking while the girls played and suddenly I heard Addie on the stairs! She had crawled under the gate and was SO proud of herself - I wish I had my camera nearby to capture her little face when I went to get her. Now I put the gate right above the baseboards and so far she hasn't managed to fit, but that doesn't stop her from trying!
She also enjoys pulling everything out of the pantry, cupboards, and drawers and/or putting miscellaneous items in the pantry, cupboards and drawers. Sometimes she can't find a toy (and neither can I when I try to help her) and then a couple days later she will find it hidden away in some random location.Addie LOVES to put on jewelry - she did this all on her own tonight. She was in Ella's closet and emerged all ready for the night!
She still climbs on everything too. The higher she can get, the better. Ella never tried climbing out of her crib, but she was also very different from Addie...So the other day when I was sitting downstairs and I heard a thump followed by Addie crying I freaked out and sprinted upstairs, sure she had fallen out. Instead I found her standing in her crib in emotional distress because she wanted the book she had just thrown out. Needless to say I lowered her mattress just in case :-).

Addie is in love with Ring Around the Rosie right now, although she refuses to "fall down" at the end. She just sings "ashes, ashes" over and over.
I have not been very successful at capturing her version of "where is it?" but if you listen closely you can hear her "say" it a few times. It is my FAVORITE thing that she does right now :-) - especially with the little hand motion.
And one more Addie show for the night:
On a side note, I was able to go to the hospital with Alisa and help with her new little twins Maya and Max today and they are sooo beautiful! I must admit that getting to hold and feed teeny little Maya did make me slightly baby hungry :-). There is nothing like a newborn baby snuggling on you! I am so happy for Alisa - they are absolutely perfect!

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