Saturday, May 10, 2008

Gone to Galveston!

Mike had the day off yesterday, so Thursday when he got home from work we drove down to Galveston for a little family fun. The night in the hotel didn't go so well; Addie, who slept wonderfully in her pack 'n play during our CA trip (thank goodness!) was not having it this time around! I laid with her and Ella for a little while and they would almost be asleep, but if anyone moved a muscle Addie sprang up (she is a light sleeper.) Eventually I slept with Addie in one bed and Mike and Ella were in the other. Apparently Mike got pretty beat up by Ella thrashing around during the night, but we all managed a little sleep and after a big day of fun were all ready to go to sleep in our own beds again :-). The girls both LOVED the beach - we'll definitely have to go back. Galveston may not be the most beautiful beach around, but it IS a beach and that is better nothing! I'll take it :-). Here are many, many pictures of our time at the beach (I have more to post of the Kemah Boardwalk, but that'll have to wait). Mike had the camera most of the day and captured some great shots, the two above are my favorites of the girls.
(Addie folding her arms for a prayer...and trying to get some sleep below. This was one of our first attempts, but they actually laid there like that for awhile which was really cute)

You never know what will happen when Dad is on baby-watching patrol.

Yummy Yum Yum! Some nice clean sand to eat!

We love having a zoom on our camera now. If you look closely you can barely see this ship in the picture below.

Mike taught Ella a trick to do with the seagulls:


The Chrissy Herself said...

Ella is so brake with those seagulls!!! I would have been terrified!

Sarah S said...

fun video! and I'm glad to hear that Eli isn't the only light sleeper/child who won't sleep well in the pack and play. We can only do our peapod tent now b/c then he can't see us in the room with him. That's fun that Mike had a day off too!

McKell and John said...

How fun! Your camera is SO good! I can tell a huge difference in the quality!

JJ & Allison said...

I love the beer can picture. Classic!

Chalonn said...

You guys are so cool to do a trip like that. Even though it can be exhausting, it's worth the memory! Yes I agree, Ella is brave!