Friday, May 30, 2008

Hooray for Summer!

I pretty much love everything about living in the nice warm climate of Houston, TX. Are the summers long and hot? YES! But all that means is that you play at the park all winter and in the summer you play at the pool instead. Addie went from being terrified of the water to LOVING it during our past few pool days. Ella loves being in the water, but in her typical nature stays right on the steps where she can touch. Today she did venture out holding the side of the pool a little past the steps and I made a big deal about how proud I was of her and how brave she was, but so far no letting me pull her into the pool in her floaty. We'll work on that as the summer moves along. Katy schools had their last day today and Mike actually has one more week of school left. We are all looking forward to a nice relaxing summer with more time together! Isn't it funny to think that teachers are just as excited as students for the summer to come around - I NEVER considered that when I was in school :-).
Oh, funny story, the pool today was across the street from an Elementary School and lots of ecstatic kids were leaving the building right when I was loading everything in our car. There was an SUV Limo in front of the school picking up some group of kids from their last day! Can you believe that? They are in elementary school! Crazy parents!
Anyway, in typical fashion here are lots of pictures from the past couple days (I won't be taking pictures EVERY time we swim, but for now it is still a little new and exciting for us all):

Wouldn't it be nice if we all looked this cute in our swimsuits?! These ones are for Chrissy, who I know was secretly disappointed Addie was happy in the last pictures of the girls together :-)...

Ella and her boyfriends, Andrew and Johnny.

Addie suddenly became very popular when she sat down for a snack - Avery and Eva didn't take long to notice! I turned around from Addie and saw Sheree with FIVE kids in the water :-) - I had to get a picture.

After 2 hours today Addie was wiped out (she quickly fell asleep on the drive home) and Ella wanted to stay and "keep practicing" on her steps :-). If only she knew how much time we'd be spending in pools in the months to come!
Oh, and I keep forgetting to post this picture of my NUMBER ONE BLOG FAN :-). Everyday Ella sits and looks at my blog. She knows to click on "older posts" at the bottom of the page and has a grand time watching videos and looking at pictures of herself and Addie :-).


Sarah S said...

Cute pool pictures! We may actually get spring/summer type weather tomorrow after another chilly week. It's the winter that never ends... I'm glad you're enjoying your Houstin sunshine!

Sarah S said...

okay I just realized I mispelled Houston. sorry, I'm really wiped out :)

Diane said...

addie's back view in that navy and white swimsuit is adorable! this is a test comment to see if i actually did it right.