Monday, May 19, 2008

Maybe I'll Win Someday!

So after reading about 2 friends (Sarah and Leighanna) who were lucky enough to win cool prizes in contests, I thought, with all the extra time I have as a result of my TV shows ending I should start entering some too! Sarah won a really cool Mei Tai through this site, Seven Dogs and a Baby, and now I want to win this car seat! So no one else better enter this one - you'll decrease my odds :-). Just kidding (kind of!), but she has new contests going on all the time - so check it out!


Sarah S said...

What a great car seat!!

I got the mei tai today... I'm going to give it a few weeks before I really give a review, but at my first attempt, it was pretty easy to put it on with Eli in the front, but really hard to put Eli on my back (by myself - with Ben it wasn't hard). Good luck with the contest!

Leighanna said...

Good luck... I know I'm kind of a dork but consistancy pays off! :o) I'm hoping to win a vacation sometime in my lifetime! LOL!