Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mean Mom

I am feeling like a mean mom right now! I put Addie to bed tonight without her pacifier and I feel really bad about doing it :-(. She's not screaming, or even crying, which almost makes me feel worse because she is being so nice about it all. She is however not yet asleep and it has been nearly an hour. It's not that I even care if she has the pacifier still, really. She only uses it when she is going to sleep which means in her crib and in the car on drives at naptime and bedtime. She used to have 3 in her crib (when she was little that increased her odds of finding one when she woke up in the middle of the night, which meant more sleep for me!) and I had cut that back to only one a few months ago. My original plan was to take the last one away around 18 months and although that is still 3 months away, Addie started getting a rash around her mouth a couple weeks ago which I can only attribute to the pacifier. It shows no sign of going away and between that and her little raw nose from her allergies kicking in, her little face has really been suffering; so, I decided we should try and control what we are able to. I deemed tonight THE night.

We finished her bedtime routine and I put her down in her crib. She grabbed her blanket and her baby doll and then searched around a little and looked up at me and asked, "Where is it?" and did her little hand motion (which is so cute I almost just ran and got it for her right then and there). I told her "It's all gone. All gone. Night, night. I love you." and shut the door most of the way but kept spying. She looked all around her crib, it was soooo sad! Hopefully she will survive and quickly forget about her pacifier...although she is starting to get mad in bed now. Time for me to go downstairs where I can't hear her! Sorry Addie girl, I really do love you!
Addie cannot resist the DVDs and CDs. Ella never really bothered them much when she was little but Addie takes them down and opens them all day. She'll bring them to me saying, "No, no, no" but then goes back and gets more off the shelf.
She does play with her table the "right" way sometimes still, but can't resist the urge to climb on EVERYTHING...She managed to put the crown on all by herself tonight and I think she was completely shocked that it actually stayed on her head when she took her arms down :-)!


Sarah S said...

so sad!! it will be so much easier to be rid of the pacifier now than in 3 months when she has even more of a strong will! i hope she goes to sleep soon for you.

we got rid of drew's pacifier when he was 20 months old - the misery lasted 5 days (lots of crying in bed) but then it was fine! I had to hide the pacifiers though from his parents so they wouldn't cheat and give it to him at night. :)

Amy said...

It is hard to be a mom sometimes, at least she won't remember this.

JJ & Allison said...

So, I am curious. How did the whole night go?

The Nixon Family said...

Ok, John and I have said we take the paci too. She is only nap and night to time too, but I just can't bring myself to do it. But, maybe I just need to be like you! Do you want to do the splash park tomorrow after the gym?

michele cabiness said...

That is exactly why I took Elsie's away. Hopefully Addie won't resort to pulling out her hair like Elsie. I am still too scared to try again.