Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

I know I'm a day late on this, but I hope all the mothers and future mothers reading this had a wonderful day yesterday and were treated well :-)! I don't really have anything deep and meaningful to say other than I am so thankful for my mom and the other mothers in my life.
When I was pregnant with Ella I was hoping I was having a girl because I knew I needed at least one daughter (now it looks like I may have all daughters :-) so I could have the special bond with them that I share with my mom. She taught me to be the mom I have become and I love that I still call her all the time for advice or just to talk. She helps me keep things in perspective on my rougher days of motherhood...thanks Mom, I love you!
I love that Mike has such a wonderful mother, who raised such wonderful children and now I have another wonderful example of what a mother should be. I have learned so much from her in the time I have been a part of their family and have so much respect for the strong woman she is...thanks Diane, I love you!
I am thankful that we are able to live near my Grandma, whom I have always been close to, and that my girls get to really know and love their Grammy. I love to hear about the trials and joys she has experienced during her life and how they have made her stronger....thanks Grandma, I love you!
I feel so blessed to be surrounded by these amazing mothers. I know they are helping to shape not only the mother I hope to develop into, but also are shining examples to Gabriella and Adeline of just how amazing and wonderful it is to be women and mothers.

I really loved what my friend Caroline wrote about Motherhood and take a second to answer Chrissy's question about what the joy of Motherhood is. Post what you think and then enjoy reading the other responses. Happy Mother's Day!

After church we had a Mother's Day dinner at my grandparents' house, where the men were charge of cooking AND clean-up :-)! Mike was on dessert duty. Ella loved playing with her new princess toy from Grammy and Greatfrog so much she didn't even stop to eat ice cream right that says something!

All of the mothers and mothers-to-be :-)!


Chalonn said...

Marci...cute pictures! Looks like you had a great time with the women in your family. Very cool that Mike can cook like that..I have found a hidden chef in Heber as well lately! Oh, and your dress is so fun! I love those happy colors!

Pineapple Hill said...

Thanks Marci. I love you too!
I think your a beautiful mother and feel so blessed to be close by to watch your cuties grow up. You've taken the "mom title" to a whole new level. You're amazing!