Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Never Say Never

Well, I have finally given in and added a playlist to my blog. I told myself I never would...many times I have quickly muted my computer when opening websites to have music suddenly begin blaring at me. However, now that I can no longer watch my DVR shows upstairs while on the computer (I miss you Dish!), it is nice to have some music playing while I browse the internet and edit pictures.
I added a list of songs to my blog a little while ago (my attempt to create a playlist without really adding one) but when a song was over then I had to go back to the list and select another one...Kind of a pain.
So, as I was online yesterday procastinating being productive by wasting hours entering surveys, reading blogs of complete strangers and checking Freecycle for hidden treasures, I decided, it IS my blog afterall so why shouldn't I put some music on it that I enjoy listening to?!
I made my playlist, which was actually quite fun, and then discovered the option where it doesn't automatically start playing...SO PERFECT! So, now if you want to listen to my songs, press play - and if you don't, you won't be forced to :-).
This has reminded me yet again that I should never say "I will never" because you just never know. Just like when capris came back in style and I thought, "I will NEVER wear those" and now I love them (thanks to the variety of styles offered). Although I do hope you never catch me in the new high-waisted pants...something tells me I'm safe saying never to those!

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