Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Odds And Ends

(I added a little to the end of this)
Here are some random shots from the past few days...Ella at her primary activity on Saturday. I came prepared to stay there and was pleasantly surprised that I could leave and just come pick her up at the end - she's so big! Addie and I went to run our errands while she was there, giving us an entire bonus hour in our afternoon to hang out and relax instead! Ella LOVES being in primary! Oh, and Sunday she went up and "sang" during the Mother's Day program at church for the first time too - so cute :-)! Ella was nice enough to share a lollipop with Addie. She is signing candy while she eats it...lucky duck.
Addie's turn for a dress fitting with Nana. Only 1 1/2 weeks until Brittany's wedding!
Addie's first hair clip, I don't think we'll be using this hairstyle everyday yet, but it is definitely some progress :-)!

Some things Ella said in the last month that I keep meaning to write down (they are on random little scraps of paper):
* She calls Ursula (the sea witch on Little Mermaid) the ski witch
* She asked me the name of the bear on Jungle Book and I told her it was Baloo; to which she replied, "That's crazy he has a color name!" (blue)
* When she said her prayers the other night she said, "Please bless we can meet Jesus."
* On Mother's Day when Mike told her to come downstairs with him to make breakfast for me she asked, "But who's going to make me breakfast, cause I'm a girl too?"


Susan said...

Okay - so I don't want to sound like a crazy person since I don't know you and I'm posting a comment on your blog - but, I ran across your blog while searching for get to know games for a mutual activity (it brought up a post you did about a relief society activity) - anyway, I noticed you had a link on your blog for liz legerski. Is she married to a JP? If it's who I think it is, we were friends while living in provo and going to the good ol' Y. :) Could you send her my email address (susandangerfield@gmail.com) - I'd love to be invited to her blog and see how's she doing. This is all assuming she is who I think she is. :) Thanks!

Marci said...

It is her - I'll pass on your info!

Sarah S said...

The hair clip on Addie is so cute! And I love Ella's quotes, esp. the Mother's Day one. Very cute.