Sunday, May 11, 2008

On the Boardwalk

We spent the afternoon after the beach on the Kemah Boardwalk. We had never been and it is smaller than I had pictured, but a cute little place to visit. It looked like there were some cute shops around the actual boardwalk area but it was pretty hot so we didn't venture too far out. We ate an early dinner at the Aquarium restaurant, which Ella thought was pretty cool. It really felt like you were under water with all the blue lighting and fish surrounding you. The service wasn't great, but the food thankfully was (We recently discovered Ella's love for fish which she calls "sweet chicken"). It was a fun little family trip...a much needed break from busy daily routines!

We were watching one of those hammer type rides that spins around. The people were all screaming, which I found funny and Ella found a little scary. She said she did NOT want to go on that ride because she was too little!

These fish were really pretty gross and the ducks didn't stand a chance of getting any of the food.

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Sarah S said...

what a fun place! I love that all of the girls (including you) are wearing skirts. very cute!