Thursday, May 29, 2008

"She's My Best Friend"

Ella has been trying my patience a lot the past couple days, but she has also said some really cute things. My favorite was when while talking about Addie she told me, "She's my best friend!"

Enjoying our first popscicles of the summer season and cleaning off in the sprinkler. Addie actually stuck her popscicle in the sprinkler causing it to fall off - quite sad. Ella was nice enough to feed her the pieces (and of course ate some herself).

Play time with Daddy...Hide and Seek and perfecting the "catch"

And lastly, playing in the rain yesterday. Addie LOVED it and Ella eventually joined in so I would take her picture too :-). It was lightly raining for awhile and we played in it and then went back in the house. It started POURING and Addie was crying by the door to go back I let her and she had a blast!

Addie managed to climb in the laundry basket without tipping it over. Mike found her just chilling in there :-).
Other things Ella has said recently:
* She came over pointing to a new scrape on her knee and said, "Mommy, I want to show you something. My body is falling apart!"
* She tried to compliment Mike's Grandma while we were in San Antonio by telling her that the color of a vein in her leg was her "favorite color"
* I told her something and she replied, "That's probably true."
* Overheard while the girls were playing, "Addie, it just hurts my feelings when you don't listen."
(I wonder where she heard those last two! It definitely helps to remind you how important it is to watch what you say when it is so obvious they are absorbing EVERYTHING they hear!)
And Addie says "Woah" all the time - I love it! For example, if a loud truck drives by while we are in the car she says, "WOAH!"


The Chrissy Herself said...

Marc, I'm so glad you're the type of mom that lets her kids eat popsicles that fall on the ground, play outside in the rain, swim in their panties, etc. I think it's important to let your kids have that kind of freedom. Children wanting to do that kind of stuff doesn't last long, and it always makes for the best childhood memories!

Sarah S said...

funny ella-isms and cute pictures in the rain!

JJ & Allison said...

That was the cutest post ever. You have such a good eye for cute pictures.

Stephanie said...

i love that post, the pictures are so good, you are good at catching them. Then, I seriously thought it was so sweet and then at the end was laughing out loud.