Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Adios Twilley

Well, we are now down to the final four on The Bachelorette and it is time for DeAnna to meet the guys' families next week - always one of my favorite episodes :-)! I saw on my blog list that Chrissy has a new post about the show titled, "Are you Kidding Me?" so I have to hurry and write my own review before I read hers and am influenced by the opinions of others :-).
Poor Twilley finally was eliminated last night and I must say that I was actually starting to like him a little bit, especially after the pre-show highlights of each remaining bachelor at home. I really did feel for him on the helicopter ride too! His one time to be alone with DeAnna and he is just trying not to throw up all over her :-). When he was eliminated at the end I felt badly for him, but at least he realizes he's a special kind of guy who needs to find that special kind of gal!
I must say I was a little shocked when DeAnna kept Jesse and cut Sean! I totally thought that Jesse blew his chance when he didn't go in for the kiss after the four-wheeler date. I really like him though so I was relieved to see him get a second chance. And now we get to see his hometown date.
Now Sean, with his slicked back hair, had made a big step in the right direction last week but when they showed him at home I was second guessing my judgement. He seems like a nice enough guy, but high maintence much?! I mean wanting to workout is one thing, even using facial mosturizers isn't a big deal, but a tanning bed in your house? He definitely came across as too image conscious and that typically stems from insecurity, so I think DeAnna made the right decision there for sure. (so much for my prediction with him last week!)
Other events worth noting...
- Ron may have kind of been a jerk much of his time on the show, but the world owes him a big thanks for asking Sean if he "would be up for letting (him) modernize him" - thanks Ron! I thought Sean looked better last week because of his hat, but in truth Ron had really done us all some good and trimmed away some of that slicked back hair.
- Jason was a little boring on the 4 wheelers, but I still think the fact that he is able to really see what is going on with DeAnna and all the other guys (most notably Graham) and is still willing to put himself out there for her says a lot.
- I am starting to believe in Jeremy more, maybe because he is loosening up a little bit he is coming across as more sincere. He's still not my favorite though.
- Graham, oh Graham :-), provided my favorite quote of the night, "I believe the conflict between she and I is leading to a healthy relationship." Maybe it's me, but I don't think that makes any sense!

I am so looking forward to next week! I can't wait to see all the families (like Graham's mom telling DeAnna a 4 week relationship is a long one for him) and I really want to know what decision DeAnna is second guessing!
So until then, let me know what you thought about last night!


The Chrissy Herself said...

Yes, when Graham said that, I laughed too. It completely doesn't make sense... I think he is grasping at straws with trying to make a relationship work. But I also think he said some deeper stuff to her on the hammock, and I think the 'conflict' (which really is basically him not wanting to be just another guy) stems from a sincere place and part of me applauds his demand for respect. But, I don't think he has what it takes... not yet at least. And DeAnna is ready now.

Something I can't figure out and they haven't let into on the show is WHY Jason isn't married still? He seems like an absolute sweet heart who is completely genuine! He isn't really my type so I wouldn't marry the guy, but someone obviously thought he was okay enough to have a kid with! I'm just confused by that whole thing.

And mostly, I'm really excited to see Jesse snowboard and Graham play basketball. I love watching athletic guys in their element.

Diane said...

it WAS suprising that she cut sean over jesse because she said she would give sean a rose on their date if there was one. then, she would have HAD to cut jesse. she also said that when she is with one guy, she thinks HE's the one, then when she is with another, HE's the one. so if there is a rose on the date, your odds are a lot better. it makes you wonder how having roses given out on dates prior to the rose ceremony, scews the ceremony.

as far as jason being more reserved on the bikes: a conservative, steady guy is what you want when husband shopping, so i don't see that as a negative.

on the other hand, jeremy confessed to being a daredevil. i personally think bungi jumping, sky diving, motorcycle racing etc. is being irresponsible and careless with your body. i am glad steve is afraid of these things; we need him to stay healthy

and i am so glad you commented on graham's quote. it was a gem.

Marci said...

My responses so far :-):
If you demand respect you probably shouldn't go on a show where you know you are competing with 25 other guys for one girl.
I also am really curious about Jason's previous marriage...and I only commented about him being more reserved on the bikes because DeAnna said that was important to her.
Personally, I am somewhere in between when it comes to wanting someone conservative or daring.

The Nixon Family said...

hmmmm... I think she is going to be left wanting more. I don't think what she wants is there. Jeremy is probably going to win, but I will read People.com in a few months and see that they broke up b/c there is something up with him and I just can't put my finger on it. Graham is great, but he's the one that is going to get kicked off and then De is going to second guess him. But he just won't give her what she needs. Jason is great, but what really happend with the other woman? I bet it was something bad on her side b/d he really is a great guy. hmmmmm... Jesse is just fun, but he won't win. It's either Jason or Jeremy...

Tecia said...

Wow..Sean's little "behind the scenes" deal totally ruined it for me...do girls really want a high-maintenance guy who is mommy's little boy? Seriously...we want them to have a HEALTHY adult relationship with their moms...does he really have a tanner in his house?? That is pure yuck for me. I was glad to see him go. I started to like Twilley by the end...but I think it was kind of out of pity...he has so many quirks...he needs a girl that loves quirks. From the remaining guys, I like Jason best. Unless he's withholding some weirdness (like Sean did) I think he's really on top of things and knows what he wants out of life. Has the show said at all if Tyler's mom is in the picture at all? Does he have him all the time/visitation? I bet that'll all be answered at the hometown visit. Graham seems like too much of a little boy looking for the next adventure...I don't know how he could handle things for the long haul. Big things come up in life...unexpected things...DeAnna kissing other guys could not have been unexpected to him if he has watched any of the other gazillion Bachelors. Sure looks like DeAnna loves to kiss him though...she has to beg him for more every time.

Kim said...

I couldn't believe Graham's comment about conflict leading to a healthy relationship either! Last night was the first time I watched the show, so nothing really stood out to me beside that genius phrase.