Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Day 2...Hiking around Cape Meares

After the thrilling tour of the cheese factory we decided to take advantage of the beautiful day and Sara led us on a hike to the Cape Meares Lighthouse. Unfortunately there had been quite a few mudslides back in the forest so most of the path was wiped out. Sara managed to get us pretty close, but in the end we hiked back home and just hopped in the van to drive up to the lighthouse (the hike was about 4 hours in total and the car ride about 20 minutes). The trip would not have been complete without Sara getting us into some kind of trouble though- it definitely brought back memories :-)!

We had already lost the path at this point, which led to some serious manuvering to avoid sinking in mud, etc. Liz is showing off her moves and Kim grabbed a branch to balance herself, only to have it break right off :-). It was really had to be there.

This sign was sooo helpful, it was broken so we had no idea which way it was really pointing. But who needs signs or trails when you have Sara leading the way?!

We had been walking nearly 2 hours when we came across this sign telling us it was still 2.4 miles to the lighthouse. We decided to keep trucking on through since we had come so far already. Here is Sara telling us about a delicious Oregon treat, the salmon berry. After trying some REALLY bitter ones, Sara persuaded Liz and I to try one she found that she said was really good. After we spat that one out too she admitted they really weren't so good afterall (these ones must not get enough sunlight!). I miss you Sara :-)!

Finally, we made it...or so we thought. The trail did not lead to the lighthouse, so we decided to head back home before Tommy got too hungry and then just drive up. The walk home was much easier and after following several elk trails we were reunited once again with the real path - what a relief.

YUCK! Banana slugs were EVERYWHERE. They are HUGE! (This picture and some of the following are from the other girls' cameras)

We ended the night playing Scum until we started talking so much in between hands we decided to just move it to the living room to chat in comfort :-).


Diane said...

it looks so fun. the hike looks like a rainforest! and the banana slug brought back memories of hikes we took in santa cruz, CA :)

Stephanie said...

That looks like such a fun trip, I'm so glad you got to go!

Pineapple Hill said...

I have never seen a banana slug. It sure is beautiful there!

Brittany said...

It looks so pretty and fun! It must have been nice to experience cool temperature!