Thursday, June 26, 2008

Day 3...The Coast

Saturday morning we walked down to the coast while the tide was out to do some exploring. It was gorgeous and we found so many starfish - it was the first time in my life to just "find" them chilling there.
Here's my starfish story...
We found one in the middle of some sand and he was all stiff and I was so excited to take him home - he was, of course, already dead. They were all this pretty purple-ish color and I thought Ella would be thrilled. I was carrying around a sand dollar (the picture of it is below) and set the starfish on top of the sand dollar in my hand while we continued to walk around. We explored for quite some time and at one point my finger bumped a little starfish leg, which was suddenly soft and bending. I freaked out and called Sara over to inspect. Sure enough, the little guy was alive and had suctioned onto my sand dollar. Thankfully Sara helped to literally rip the starfish off (assuring us his little tentacle things would grow back) and put him in the water to live again. So, no starfish for the girls, but we did find some cool shells to bring home instead :-).

This is Liz's little crab she found, Hermie, trying to make his way back to the ocean :-).

The house we were staying in is the very top, left one.

We all huddled around the teeny-weeny TV later that night to watch No Reservations, which was really cute and made us all miss our husbands (although none of them would have liked the movie :-).


annafowler said...

aw Marci, what a cool synopsis! You gals are all so much fun. And I am glad you enjoyed Oregon so much!

Lisa Rampton Halverson said...

Sara -- it's so fun to read your words about your frosh friends and to see these fun photos. Thanks for taking and posting them, Marci!