Thursday, June 5, 2008

Disney Concert

When we went to the library Tuesday morning for Addie's Toddler Time they had some signs up advertising a Disney Concert that afternoon performed by local high school kids. We decided we definitely had to be there :-)! It was really cute and just about 20 minutes long - perfect for little ones! Even Addie, who we woke up to go, had a great time dancing around to the tunes she recognized. The girl conducting brought together the group of students from various high schools as part of her girl scout program and they were traveling around playing the songs for different groups of kids. I was really impressed that on their 2nd day off from school they were all willing to help her out! They played very well, much better than they sound in my recordings (Mike said when it is too loud the sound gets distorted). I'm putting up these clips mainly for Ella's viewing, but I did try and get Addie dancing a little too.

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Pineapple Hill said...

Those pictures of Ella carrying those big bunches of branches are sooo cute.