Sunday, June 8, 2008


Yesterday was Mike's high school's graduation. They hold all the graduations for his district at the Toyota Center in downtown Houston and this year his school, George Bush, was first on the schedule which meant he had to be there at 7:15am to get ready for the 8:30am graduation time. This of course meant an early wakeup for us all. We parked and the girls and I walked over to check out Houston's new Discovery Green park to kill some time. It is a really neat park, right in the center of all the stadiums downtown.

We took lots of pictures and ate a picnic breakfast. Funny story about the breakfast...I worked Friday night and when Mike tucked Ella in he told her the next morning she was going to have a picnic for breakfast. She was very confused and told him to "be sure to tell mom that." I love that already she knows that dad is sometimes a little crazy and that everything needs my approval :-). Then we walked back to get seats for graduation (at 8 in the morning it was already getting hot!).

During all this time I was thinking how strange it was that this is the first of Mike's 4 high school graduations I had attended. My high school graduation was held in my high school's gym and it is definitely nice to have it in the huge stadium. Apparently it's a Texas thing? I thought it was hilarious when we first walked in that all the Toyota Center concession stands were open for graduation too! Everything started out well, Ella was very excited when she finally spotted Mike walking in (and I was impressed he found us in the crowd).
(Mike on the big screen :-)

Then about halfway through the ceremony the girls began getting restless and I suddenly remembered why I had not yet attended a graduation. I was also suddenly very thankful for the concession stands and went and bought a big bucket of popcorn, which kept them happy the rest of the time :-). I am glad we went though, it was definitely fun to see Mike down there with all the kids, and I will be more prepared with things for the girls to do next year. The ceremony went longer than expected so Ella ended up missing her little friend's birthday party (very tramatic for her, but she has since recovered). We took full advantage of being downtown to eat at our very favorite Mexican restaurant here, Chacho's.

Ella's cold face, Addie's messy face and Mike's cute face (isn't that a good picture of him?!)

Addie was sooo exhausted on the ride home but was fighting off the sleep. She had this hilarious look on her face and we just kept looking at her and laughing. Eventually she tried to crack a smile before giving in and passing out.

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Diane said...

i enjoyed today's blog entry. nice pictures, as always.

it was neat to see mike with his class. graduation days are special for teachers too. all of the teachers, even the male principle, got choked up at chloe's graduation on wednesday. it is touching to see the bond they make with the students. i agree, mike looked handsome that day...even on the big screen!

the girls are looking so mature. ella reminded me of how freezing it is in chacho's.