Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

This is Ella's posed picture giving Mike a kiss :-) I forgot that she doesn't really pucker up yet.
Happy Father's Day Mike! I am very thankful that I not only have a wonderful husband, but also a great father for our girls. I am grateful that he has made it a priority to be with them as much as possible as they grow up and I love to see the bond that they have developed. Ella and Addie both get so excited when Dada gets makes your heart melt a little :-).
I'm also thankful that Mike and I both have wonderful fathers of our own whom we respect and love. The girls love their Grandad and Papa (and Greatfrog too!). They think these guys are all a little crazy...I think that's what the men in our lives are for - to keep us a little silly and crazy and keep us on our toes :-).
Happy Father's Day!

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Pineapple Hill said...

So sweet! Mike was definitely a "good find"! We are lucky to have such great guys in our lives!