Tuesday, June 10, 2008

If I Were DeAnna

Ok, so who watched The Bachelorette last night? I was really excited to see what DeAnna was so upset about and to see the guys perform their songs for her. Here is my opinion on each of the remaining Bachelors, starting with who I think she should pick:
FRED...I really loved Fred after this episode and was really sad that he was cut. I thought it was so mean that they cut Robert first so Fred was all excited that he was staying. I'm sure the producers had DeAnna do that because I don't think after going through that herself that she would have done it on her own...I hope. I'm glad they showed that she really felt bad for not liking Fred more and I really thought it said a lot about him that all the other guys respected him so much. Chrissy, I think you should marry Fred :-)! Any votes for Fred as the next Bachelor?
Robert...I was so over Robert early in this episode, even before his little temper tantrum. He was immature, annoying, sleazy and gave me the creeps. He did have some great quotes though, like when DeAnna totally shoots him down when he tries to kiss her and then he goes on to say something like "I can read people. There is a connection between DeAnna and I." I was telling him through the TV to button up his shirt and get over himself. His limo ride was priceless.
Brian...Oh Brian, Brian. He never opened up (or showed much personality period) and it's too bad because I still really liked him. I'm sure lots of girls in Texas will be waiting for him to get home and start dating. How tall is he by the way? Did you noticed how he towered over everyone at the rose ceremony?
1. Jason...I like Jason and it seems like DeAnna does too. He does of course come with baggage from his previous relationship and already has his son, but he seems very mature and perceptive. When all the guys were sitting around at the racetrack and he was giving his take on DeAnna and Graham, etc. I thought he was right on! It makes him endearing that he loves his son so much and he seems like an overall nice guy (I do wonder why his last relationship didn't work out though). I think he'll definitely be around until the final three.
2. Sean...Where did Sean come from? I never paid much attention to him because I couldn't get past his long hair and his martial arts kick the first night, but he really stepped it up (and it definitely helped that he looked WAY cuter with the hat on hiding his hair)! I think he may be the guy that sneaks his way onto the scene and ends up in the finale. We'll see. Other than his hair I don't have any reason to dislike him yet and they made the Kentucky connection last night :-).
3. Jesse...There is something sweet and innocent and endearing about Jesse. Although DeAnna seems intrigued by him I can't see her picking him in the end, but you never know. It was cute that he got so excited on their date, which I have another comment on. Does it seem incredibly awkward to anyone else to have a private concert? It seems like it would not only be strange to be dancing while one person is watching you and singing to you, but that it would also be awkward to be the singer. I think it was DeAnna who said, "How many people get to experience Natasha B... staring down on them during a date?!" and I thought, "Would I WANT to experience that?"
4. Jeremy...As I stated previously, I have not been a Jeremy fan. I do like him a little more after last night, but he still has some work to do to win me over. I think the fact that he is not living in the house and he sees that he is not the only person DeAnna is building a relationship with has humbled him and done him some good. It still seems like something is a little off with him though and I can't figure out what it is. Maybe it's me. I was secretly happy that he didn't do well at the racetrack (and sad Brian didn't win, relieved Twilley didn't win and glad that Sean earned the time in the end). I know he does really care about DeAnna so I'm trying to give him a chance and he's growing on me slowly.
5. Graham...Is Graham the sexiest of the bunch? Most definitely. Does he have commitment issues? Most definitely. Is he the riskiest guy for DeAnna to fall for? Most definitely. Has DeAnna already fallen for him? Most definitely! I don't think Graham is a bad guy who would intentionally hurt her, but I do think he obviously has some issues being in relationships. He is almost 30 without ever having a serious girlfriend and then they had their little problem last night at the racetrack. DeAnna needs to be careful with him and that will be hard for her since she can't keep her hands off him.
6. Twilley...I couldn't get a small picture of Twilley :-). I am truly in shock that he is still left! Last night I knew it was down to Twilley or Brian to go home and I just kept thinking, "It's got to be Twilley! How could you picture yourself marrying Twilley over Brian?" I am glad to see he is not a stalker and the clip they showed of him being a goofball at the very end of the show helped me to understand a little more why he may still be around. I wish they would show more moments like that during the actual show because I feel those ending clips are where you really get to see the guys' personalities.
Post your opinions! It made me much more excited to watch this week knowing I had people to "talk" about the show with since Mike refuses to watch the Bachelor/Bachelorette with me anymore :-)!


Diane said...

wow! i love your thorough bachelorett review! i agree with everything you said.

some things worth noting:

i thought sean was a greasy vegas pit-boss type but my opinion has changed dramatically. he is actually nice looking and normal.

jesse was unattractively nervous at the start of the date but he redeemed himself. i liked how he asked her to dance instead of just sitting and listening. and then he showed her that he really knows how to hold a woman while they danced. he was appealing. i always think these private concerts are odd but i actually got caught up in this one and could see it being romantic.

twilley is an enigma. and it had to hurt brian's pride going head to head and losing.

fred was very nice AND a lawyer too! but i absolutely could not live with that accent.

graham doesn't have the physical appeal that brian had (for me) but to each his own. personality trumps looks and they don't show us enough of ANYONE's personality to see who is really best.

my armchair analysis of jeremy is that he is was emotionally wounded by the loss of his parents and his coping mechanism is to go all out for whatever he wants because he knows it can be lost. his ambition is evident through his profession (a lawyer in dallas) and how he persues deanna. he often looks a little sad to me. he has had a lot of pain and loss and i saw that sadness last night when he realized he may lose deanna too. he seems to be somewhat ostracized from the group of men. i was very impressed by his dignified reaction to their verbal attacks early on. in short, we are, in large part, a product of our upbringing and he can't be faulted for his. he seems like a great guy.

Stephanie said...

Wow! We are so totally the same - I wish I could watch it with you because I seriosly get so excited and have a lot of the exact same little thoughts as you. But, we do differ on Jeremay. He was my favorite for ever and I couldn't understand why people didn't like him. I kind of saw it when he argued about loosing the race. Graham is for sure the sexiest, I googled him and think he is a model. Anyway, Jason is the guy you want to win because he is sweet and I thought right on with his Graham analysis as well. I didn't like Fred at all until last night and was sad to see him leave too. At least keep him around longer than Twilly.

The Chrissy Herself said...

Fred = not my type. Sorry Marci, you'll have to wait a little longer for another Brother-in-law. :)

Tecia said...

ooh Marci..I so look forward to Bachelorette discussions on your blog. I convinced Ty to watch it with me last night and he did his duty...and then told me it was the silliest thing he's ever seen...oh well. I think I wrote last week that I really liked Fred...my type-but I guess not Deanna's...based on how she's keeping Graham in the game when I don't think there's anything there but "looks"..."looks" are pretty big on her list. And Fred wasn't the typical "look." Though neither is Jesse.I liked Brian last week, but he kept doing these weird desperate smiles at all the rose ceremonies (watch back the song rose and the final ceremony)...he definitely seems like a nice guy...but I don't think he knew how to carry himself in this situation. I still like Jason, but didn't get to see a whole lot more of his personality this week...has he had more kissing time than anyone else?? Jeremy..same old..he's in it to win it...oh and for Deanna too? Twilley...is he the producers pick or something?? Her hands must be tied on that one. We got to see a little more of Sean...but still a lot less than many others...I'm on the fence with him. IT looks like next week is make-out time around the board...wonder how Graham'll deal with that...yikes!

Marci said...

Hooray! I love reading everyone's comments! I do think Jason has probably had the most kissing time due to the fact that he was with her alone in the house all night. That is definitely an interesting twist on this season. I'm excited to see what happens next week and I hope they show us some more of the spontaneous moments now that there will be fewer guys left.