Sunday, June 15, 2008

The 'M' Family Potluck

Yesterday was a busy day...the "photo shoot" in the early morning, Amy's baby shower right after (picture below), and ended with a potluck with my family (the Miners) and Scott's family (the Millers). There was plenty of good food to go around, here are the pictures from the night:

Addie was playing with Bill through the kitty door - you can see his little paw on the other side if you look closely :-).

Hope, Ella (who thought she was SO big sitting out there...on the drive home she told us she was telling jokes to make everyone laugh :-), Scott's sisters Kaitlin, Erin and Emily, and our Scott.
My grandparents, Scott's parents Lorna and Phillip, and of course Kayley and Scott.

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Pineapple Hill said...

That was fun. Thanks for all the geat pictures Marci!