Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Mike and I were definitely manipulated by a not-even-4-year-old tonight! After we tucked the girls in tonight Mike decided to make some of his brownies. I was up on the computer and Ella came walking in, "Mom, I smell brownies." I couldn't believe she actually distinguished the smell as brownies (not cookies or cake, but yes, most definitely brownies!) so we had to go tell Mike. I came back upstairs and Ella came a little while later looking disappointed and telling me, "Dad said I can't have brownies and he'll save them for me." I told her that would be a fun treat for tomorrow and that she needed to hurry and go to sleep because it was late. I assumed she had gone back in her room until she came to me again a little while later with chocolate on her face asking me to help her brush her teeth so her "teeth won't turn green." Mike came in and I forget exactly how it came out, but eventually he said something about how I had told her she could have brownies, which I of course had NOT done. Sneaky little Ella had gone back downstairs when I told her to go to bed and told Mike that I said she could have a brownie, so he gave her one! Our night ended with a talk about telling the truth and a toy being taken away (this a new form of discipline I am giving a try...obviously it is working marvelously!). Ahhh, the fun begins! :-)
Here are some funny pictures from the week so far:
An Addie Burrito
Airplane Rides

Wrestling Sisters
Addie loves to correctly, and forcefully, identify my "ahhs"
Addie trying out other options than her mouth. Earlier she had 2 toy bottles and was holding them in both ears at the same time.
Picture time=fun time!

I was bending down trying to take a picture of a big green spider when Addie climbed on back. Ella of course then had to do it also, which made Addie mad. I love this picture because this same cycle occurs multiple times each day :-).
Addie in what Mike calls her "bubble suit"
We went to brainstorm at Kayley's reception site today and the girls managed to find many ways to entertain themselves:


Lindsey said...

It sounds like Ella is not dummy. Your girls are adorable!

Lindsey said...

I meant no dummy. :)

MePlusMyThree said...

What cute pictures!

My kids can be a little manipulative too - especially when brownies are involved.

Chalonn said...

Ah...manipulation! It is funny how these little kiddos like to test their world to see what will and will not work! It makes me feel better knowing others kids do it too!

Steve said...

that's not manipulation! it's survival in the kid world. Marci, you need to give ella her toy back and take one of yours away. You and mike need to sharpen up your parent skills, who didn't see that one coming?
signed, Mikes DAD. ha ha.

Diane said...

freemans are the treat experts, as you know. what you do if you want an after hours treat is: 1)make sure the kids are actually snoring (it helps if you pretend you are going to bed too) 2) NEVER bake anything that may drift upstairs to their keen little noses (buy store treats) 3) hide all evidence in the OUTSIDE trash can...they will go through the kitchen trash in the morning in search of treat evidence.

these are the skills i developed over many years. i now pass them on to you, marci.

steve's comments are hilarious, considering that he gets worked by his kids worse than anyone i know.

mike said...

Actually, I misjudged the manipulation. After sending Ella upstairs with a rejection, I assumed she was coming back already having manipulated Marci by telling her something like, "Mom, Dad told me to ask you if it was OK to eat brownies. Can I?" After getting mom's approval I figured it was already a battle lost. Touché Ella.

Pineapple Hill said...

In deed one must only have evening treats with the utmost planning.
Diane, those were great tips!

I couldn't help but chuckle thinking of little Ella enjoying
her brownie.

Why do you think I ate cookies in the pantry with the door closed???

Remember....I'm the mom of the girl that hid her little brother's shoes so she could not only be the "hero" for finding them but get a reward as well!


The Chrissy Herself said...

Did marci seriously do that?! Hilarious! No wonder she scored a 130-something on her IQ test. A true genius!