Thursday, June 12, 2008

One Last Hurrah!

Since Sheree is moving to Dallas in 2 weeks :-( we had to squeeze in one more play day with all of us old downtowners. I think the last time all of us had managed to get together was the birthday bash in January so we were long overdue! We all met up at the pool and between watching our little ones (and keeping them happy) we managed to get some talking in too. Some of the highlights...

I love Ella's terrified face as I talk about how brave she is :-). She went down the slide I think 2 more times and then got hysterical about it and that was the end of that for the day. Really the first couple times she loved it, I don't know what happened.
Can I just say this is one of my most favorite pictures ever?! Ella is going to be so sad when Andrew is gone - I'll dedicate a post to these two as time gets closer :-(! Addie and Jace on the other hand, are still working on their friendship :-).

Here we all are: McKell, Sheree, Stephanie, Allie and me (as I edited this picture I was very aware of why I don't usually take pictures of myself at the pool :-).

Ashley and Addie....and our one and only attempt to get all the little ones to sit together :-).

The big kids: Ella, Andrew and Johnny...Addie has a great ability to spot trash. She found this straw in the grass and it provided lots of fun (at least she was eating it, right?).

Ella and Eva, who sure keeps up with the big kids! She is fearless!

Look at those legs :-)! Addie is definitely getting some molars in the back, poor thing. She has just been grumbly non-stop the past few days. I hope they break through soon for her sake...and ours!


Sarah S said...

Poor Addie! The pictures of her in the last few days are so sad w/ the teething. The pic of you and your friends at the pool is really cute! I would edit out everything below the shoulders too though if I was taking a picture in my swimsuit... NOT cute.

michele cabiness said...

She said it was a combination of sensitive skin and moisture around the mouth from drooling, drinking, eating etc. which caused the skin to dry out. Part of the curse of having fair skin I guess.

Diane said...

that looks like a fun pool! it was so nice that your group of friends could get together, even though it is sad to have one of them moving. that picure of andrew and ella is soooo great. it tugs at your heart that he is moving....they have been friends since infancy, right?
i love the photo of all the pretty mommies! (yes, you too, never look bad:)

McKell and John said...

Good times!