Monday, June 9, 2008

Scott's Birthday

June is another big birthday month for us with Scott, Chloe and Mike all celebrating their big days. Scotto's is up first on the 10th so we had his family dinner yesterday. He requested Chicken Cordon Bleu and we had a cookies n' cream ice cream cake (he could live on that ice cream!). I can't believe he is 14! That means high school next year and church dances...scary :-)! He was my little buddy as a toddler. He always helped me wash my car, and I loved taking him everywhere with me (my friends all thought he was pretty dang cute too). Now he's getting close to the age I was when we did all that together! So strange. My whole family has joined the blogging band wagon, including Scott who started one for his Scouting troop not too long ago. Ella asked me yesterday when she can have a blog :-) and will come and tell me it is her turn on the computer (to look at mine). Anyway, here are some pics of the fun from yesterday (my mom has a few more up):
Ella decorated Scott's gift bag. Her latest addition to her people is giving them 2 ponytails.

Ella's always willing to help you out opening presents!

Mike and our new camera's flash do not go well together. We seriously took 5 pictures and his eyes were closed in ALL of them. I'm going to have start taking pictures of him everyday with the flash until he can train his eyes to stay open :-)!

P.S. Don't forget to watch the Bachelorette tonight :-)!

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