Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Silly Adeline...Sick Adeline...

Monday started as a normal day for Addie girl...playing with Ella and cuddling with Dad.
We went swimming with Lee Lee (Kayley) that afternoon and I went in to work for a few hours that night to help out with the big sale (Gymboree is having their Red Balloon sale for the next couple weeks so check it out). Mike took these pictures of Addie trying to dress herself from the clean clothes pile. He thinks Addie thought she had the dress on right because she could see through it and left it on for a long time.

Ella, who lately thinks anything Addie is doing is probably the most fun and exciting thing ever, had to join in of course and tried to dress her in this shirt. She managed to get one arm in. I'm curious if Addie just sat there and let her attempt this, or if it was a struggle.

Mike called me later that night to tell me Addie had thrown up 3 times :-(! When I got home this is how I found them - poor Addie girl. Luckily she slept through the rest of the night without any other incidents. (good job keeping your eyes mostly open with the flash Mike!)
The next morning I was trying to keep her in "resting" mode. Sesame Street kept her captivated for a little while, but then she was up and at it again. We slowly eased her back into food yesterday and I'm happy to report she is good as new again today!

I leave for my trip tomorrow morning so it's nice to know everyone is healthy again!


Diane said...

have a wonderful time on your is a well deserved fun time for you! it is so great that you are able to keep up those friendships. will you be blogging while away?

mike and the flash issue is so funny. brittany went through years with that problem and is finally over it, but i don't remember mike ever having a problem with it.

Pineapple Hill said...

That is so cute of Mike and the girls. The joy of being little enough to ride on a magic towel!
I hope Addie Girl is feeling better. I'm excited for you to get to go on your get-a-way and I'm excited to have some "Nana Time" tomorrow!

Kayley said...

aw I didn't know she got sick- poor Addie girl