Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Smart, but Sad Move

I am home! I had SOOO much fun catching up with my old roomies...I'll try and post at least the first part of my pictures later tonight. Mike managed spectacularly with the girls (and had lots of help from both my family and his - thanks!). I am happy to report I came home to a clean house...and the girls were fed and clean too :-)! I especially enjoyed his blog post!

On to the really important issues...the Bachelorette!
Mike must have really missed me because he actually sat and watched this whole episode with me and I think he is hooked again! The host, Chris, was actually right this time when he said it was the MOST dramatic moment ever! I was really proud of DeAnna for cutting Graham because I really don't think he is ready to be in a committed relationship yet...and definitely not a marriage. It was heartbreaking to watch her trying saying good-bye to him and then he pulled out his note! I was shocked! I know she is second guessing herself now, but I think he would have ended up breaking her heart in the end.

As for the final 3...
Jesse is my personal favorite right now. I love that he started a non-profit organization for kids who want to snowboard and I thought his parents were so cute, especially his dad! I feel like Jesse and DeAnna are really comfortable together and I like that their relationship has followed as a normal a growth process as possible on the show (not to mention he finally made his move!).
Jeremy is still my least favorite of the bunch. It was nice to see him sharing his feelings about his mother and I don't doubt that he truly cares for DeAnna, but there is just still something that bugs me about him that I can't quite put my finger on. Everything just seems too perfect - the house, his closet, the way he portrays himself. It makes me wonder if he would be too intense to live with - have expectations of what he wants that aren't possible to live up to. Who knows? I do know that he is definitely the best looking of his brothers!
I really like Jason a lot still and for very different reasons than I like Jesse. I also loved his family and thought DeAnna fit in perfectly with them. It was so great when DeAnna totally cried when he was reunited with his son and sooo sad when they had to say goodbye again!
Until next week :-)!


Diane said...

Yeah! You are back! I am so glad you had a good time! It was fun to see mike and the girls for a short visit while you were gone :)

the bachelorette didn't disappoint last night...
"the note" presented a shocking moment....the very kind we wish for when glued to the bachelorette!
graham has a real problem with emotional intimacy! when she was trying to get him to open up and she asked if this is how it would be if they were together and he just said, "yep, i guess so, 'cause this is the real me" i thought he was being mean and stubborn. what was weird, is that she gave him tons of chances and he still cried when he was cut.??

i actually like all of the other 3 and their families. but the big question is 'can she find that spark of love with any of them?'
she acted completely different with graham than any of the others.

i like jesse's charitable side too...i googled graham bunn (who wants that for a last name?) and he does a lot of charity and has a clothing line for charities for underprivileged kids.

looking forward to hearing about your trip:).....

Hope said...

Hey Marci! I think that she made the right choice with cutting off Graham. He didn't even look at her or try to comfort her while she was sitting there sobbing! He just sat there and looked the other way. The whole, this is the real me thing was a very AKWARD moment in my opinion, they didn't have any kind of connection at all. It was like they never even met. By the way, welcome back to Houston!

McKell and John said...

Now I know why she never looks happy when people interview her these days. She will never be able to give her whole heart to any of these guys because she AXED the one guy she had real LOVE feelings for. We'll see what happens! She's probably begging the producers to go back and let her marry Graham. He's so hot by the way!

Amy said...

I watched most of the episode last night. I did feel bad for Deanna because I think she really loves Graham. I wonder if the producers will allow her to bring him back. I look forward to the final 2 episodes.

The Chrissy Herself said...

I LOVE my mom's comments! mostly because we have already sat and watched the show together, have talked it all to death, and then in the morning she gets on and comments everything that we talked about the night before!

I agree with Mckell, completely. And I'm going to predict that she doesn't chose any of the remaining guys and will go off and seek out Graham to see what's there once the show is over. He made it clear he didn't like the cameras or the 'show' of it when he said the letter was for her eyes only and not the show. Yes, I agree he should have never gone on the show if he doesn't like it (weirdo) but maybe he didn't expect to have such serious feelings develop and didn't know what to do.

I don't think it's there with the other guys.

Pineapple Hill said...

Welcome back Marci! O.K. I have never watched this show but watched the end of it last night. From what I saw, I did not care for Grahm AT ALL. I could see she really liked him. Besides being easy on the eyes, what is it that she sees in him? Someone please tell me. I didn't get to see Jesse at all but of Jeremy and Jason I liked Jason more for her. I'm just not sure if that chemistry is there though. Now I'm hooked.

Leighanna said...

I have to say I agree with you all around. I think DeAnna will bounce back from Graham. Being intensely attracted to someone is a lot different than what it takes for real love and a working marriage. It was the best decision she has made yet.