Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Summer has Officially Begun

Now that Mike is done with school and home a lot more I feel like summer has officially begun. Since he is tutoring this summer and not teaching summer school he doesn't have to leave until later in the day and I'm definitely going to get spoiled over the next couple months! Yesterday I was trying to finish some things on the computer and it was so nice to have someone else go get the girls breakfast! We went to our neighborhood pool yesterday for a little while and had the place to ourselves.
Mike was working with Ella on her "swimming" and she was terrified at first (as seen above). It didn't take her too long to build up her courage. She LOVED having Mike in the water with her and anytime he wanted to get out she begged him to keep swimming with her.

Addie had better things to do, like climbing in and out of the baby pool, eating (her favorite pastime), and refusing to go in her floaty so I would hold her in the water the whole time :-).
Here are a couple videos of Ella. She has really been singing along to her songs and I was trying to get it on video but she decided to play her recorder instead.


Amy said...

You are lucky to have a husband who is a teacher. One of the major perks of teaching is summer. I always loved my summer breaks. Enjoy him while he's home!

Kayley said...

You guys are such a cute little family. I need to see more of you while I'm here though! It's just so busy working FT and doing all of the wedding stuff. We'll have to plan little play-dates for me and the girlies or something!