Saturday, June 28, 2008

SURPRISE!!!! Mike is 30!!!

Mike's birthday is on Monday and he is turning the BIG 3-0 so I wanted to do something special. The problem is, Mike is not one for big parties and social gatherings, so it was a little tricky thinking of something that would be a big deal, but he would still enjoy. I knew I wanted to surprise him somehow and after much thought came up with an idea incorporating his favorite and food, especially shredded beef tacos. I emailed our families and Mike's friend Josh, who grew up with him and happens to be in Houston for school right now, from a new email account (it is hard and stressful to be sneaky!) and after tossing around some ideas we hatched our plan. They were all to meet at Chacho's at 6:30pm and Mike, the girls and I would show up...Surprise! Mike's parents told him they weren't going to be able to come out for his birthday and mailed him a Chacho's gift card. When he picked me up at the airport Monday night he wanted to go right then and use it so I had to come up with an excuse - one crisis averted. Then yesterday he wanted to go eat at 4pm, waaaaay too early! I don't know why I planned 6:30pm originally, we never eat that late, but I decided I could probably stall him until 5:30pm and went outside to make frantic phone calls. First to his family, who had to drive 3 hours from San Antonio, and then to my family, my grandparents and Josh - luckily everyone was ok with the new time and I set to work being as slow as possible. I went to the gym and took my time, came home to get ready and took my time and then I had to keep forgetting things in the house when we were getting in the car. We pulled up to Chacho's a little before 5:30pm so I was a little worried how the timing would play out, but it worked perfectly! Josh and Stephanie (and baby Eli) walked in right when we did, which was pretty funny (they talked about what CRAZY odds it was to both show up right then) and when we walked into the restaurant everyone was there already and yelled surprise - we totally got him :-)! I am so proud that we actually pulled it off!
Hope, Chloe and Ella.
Mike, Eli, Stephanie and Josh.
Me and Mike, my OLD man :-).
Adeline and Grammy.
Kayley and Brittany.
Chrissy and (my) Mom.
Gabriella and GreatFrog.
Ili, Scott, my Dad and Mike's Dad.
Stephanie, Mike's mom, baby Eli and Josh.
THE Cutest Couple :-).
Sweet Adeline.
Grandfather, his daughter and granddaughters.
Aunt Chrissy and Ella Bella.
...ThE FaMiLy PiCtUrEs...

...ThE FrIeNd PiCtUrEs...

I made two Strawberry Whipped Sensation desserts and we let Ella decorate one of them. It was sooo adorable, she made the little ring of strawberries all on her own and was so proud of her beautiful, creative design :-)!


Pineapple Hill said...

That dessert was sooooo yummy!

Amy said...

Congrats on pulling off the surprise. You are a good wife!

Stephanie said...

That was a good surprise, but since my next birthday is my 30th, my official position is to have no comments about this post. Although, I will say, Ashley has a purple outfit from last summer that I love and still make her wear, and I think Addie had the shorts on, and the same green sunglasses. I get so excited when I see they have some of the same things because your girls always look so darn cute!

Diane said...

thanks again for a really fun time! good job pulling off the suprise. i love the photo of grandfather with daughter and granddaughters.

Sara Jean said...

Happy Birthday Mike!!!!! Looks like you guys had a swell time celebrating. I'm going to have to try that strawberry dessert.

Heber and Chalonn said... impressive 30th indeed! Happy Birthday Mike...were there really 30 candles??

Sarah S said...

Good job with the surprise! That sounds like so much fun. And how great that Mike's family drove over to be there too!