Thursday, June 5, 2008

Tattoos...NOT Temporary!

With the arrival of summer and swimsuit season come people wearing as little clothing as possible to stay cool.
Today the girls and I swam at the gym for a little while. They have some really shallow water that is great for the moms to sit in because it keeps you cool, but allows you to get sun on your legs at the same time. Addie was walking between the moms making friends as usual and eventually became fascinated by one lady sitting near me...maybe it was her shiny bikini? We had been talking, as a result of Addie's introduction :-), and Addie began pointing and saying "Look, Look" as she walked closer to her. The woman had a sun tattooed below her belly button and Addie would NOT drop the issue. She would walk away for a little while and then come back pointing right at it again, "Look, Look." The lady said to me, "You must not have any....I got this one when I was 18, what can you do?" and then to Addie, "Don't get one of these!"
When Ella was little I remember her first noticing tattoos on people while we were out and about. She thought they had accidentally colored on themselves like she so often did and told me, "They (will) take a bath later." We had the conversation about bath time for these messy adults every time she noticed a tattoo. I never saw any harm in it until we were at story time in the summer and she told the mom sitting next to me with a huge tattoo on her leg that she could take a bath later. Woops.
When I see tattoos I am very, very thankful that at the height of my rebellion I went for an extra piercing instead of something permanent!


Pineapple Hill said...

I'm so thankful too!

Diane said...
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Diane said...

When I saw your tattoo entry I went straight to the comments to say "I'll bet your mom is glad too" and she had beaten me to it!

When I see tattoos I often think of how difficult it would be to see that on my perfect little baby's body (and you will always be our babies!)