Friday, June 6, 2008

Tree Trimming Duo

Mike enlisted Ella's help in trimming our smaller trees last night. I was actually quite impressed by how helpful she was! She zipped back and forth across the lawn, often carrying branches much larger than herself!

Addie spent most of the time on the slide just excited to be playing outside (it actually was fairly cool with the wind last night!). Eventually she decided to wanted to join in the fun.

Addie has been really into wearing Ella's headbands lately. She'll go get one out, bring it to me and say "Head, Head" and leave it on for hours. If it does happen to fall off (or Ella takes if off) she'll bring it right back to have me put it on again. This particular headband I thought was hilarious on her bald head :-)...and I love her chubby cheeks in the side view picture.
Earlier that morning while I was making some breakfast I could hear Addie in the living room have a lot of fun. I found her just chillin on the couch - she thought it was great - her own little hang out. That is of course until Ella realized I was taking pictures without her in them and came to crash the party :-).


Diane said...

those are really cute photos. i am impressed with ella's good job helping daddy.

it looked like addie was signing something before she was joined by ella on the couch.?

Marci said...

She was signing "help" her way (really you do a thumbs up in the palm of your other hand).