Thursday, July 31, 2008

Temple Trip

Last night I was able to go up to the Houston Temple with Kayley and Scott. Mike had to work so he wasn't able to be there and I left BOTH girls in the care of my little brother Scott. I must admit I was a little nervous :-), he is a 14-year-old boy after all, but he managed them both like a pro! Mexican food is always a must for my family and it was an extra special treat for me enjoying all adult conversation during the meal. I am so excited for Kayley and Scott's wedding (only 8 days to go!)! They are such a wonderful couple and I'm so glad they found each other (she can thank us later for moving to Katy so they could meet!).

When I went to spy on the girls when I got home I found Addie like this:

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lamenting Lentils

Yesterday during naptime/quiet time I actually got to work and vacuumed and mopped our downstairs. While the girls ate their snacks I started dinner and left the opened bag of lentils on the counter when I was done, my mistake. Ella, having never seen a bag of lentils before, pulled it down to get a closer look and woops....(when I went to take the picture she smiled at me so I told her to make a sad face...she really did feel bad)

My mom always said, "when life hands you lemons, make lemonade" or, in this case, when life spills your lentils, throw a lentil-popsicle party! Why let so many good lentils go to waste?!

These were taken before the lentil incident...I can't resist taking pictures when she puts the helmet on!

18 Months Old!!!

I was really hoping to get a FABULOUS picture of Adeline's cute little face to go with this post, but no such luck. These will have to suffice:

We made it in and out in record time at our doctor's appointment and Addie did not even have to get one shot - Hooray for her! (unfortunately for Ella it will be a different story for her in a couple weeks! we've heard turning 4 = a NOT fun check up)
Mike and I feel like Addie is SO big, and if you ever watched her eat a meal you would guess she weighed a ton, but we were proven wrong once again...
Weight: 23 lbs. (25-50th percentile)
Height: 33 1/4 in. (50-75th)
and OFC (head): 18 5/8 in. (50-75th)
I am really starting to wonder how much error there is in these measurements depending on which nurse you happen to get and how wriggly and mad your child is. Ella supposedly weighed 24 lb. 10oz. and was 33 1/4 in. - that is nearly 2 lbs. more than Addie?! I just don't see it. Maybe my memory decieves me though :-).
In any case, Addie is growing at a constant rate and that is what is important! She is also able to do the things expected of her at this age. As her mother I, of course, firmly believe she is exceptionally gifted and talented and definitely reaching into genius realms! I especially loved on her "18 months" sheet provided by her doctor (who we love and continue to drive nearly 25 min. to visit) that listed under behavior for this age is "Does NOT share well," we definitely have that covered :-)! I was telling Mike last night that Addie is so funny though because she tends to get REALLY mad at Ella when nothing is happening, and then when Ella actually does something to her that would justify such a reaction, she seems to care less. See picture below:
I strategically placed Addie next to Ella, not too close mind you, and Addie immediately walked away and turned around to yell at it was her brilliant idea! (click the picture and enlarge it for full impact) Then apparently she decided maybe it would not be so bad after all and at least turned to give me a look :-).
We really do love our Addie girl though! She keeps us laughing never know what she will do next. It is so fun to be able to start actually communicating with her now and one of my favorite things she does is laugh when we figure out what she wants, "haha, I am GOOD, they totally understood me!" I'm sure is what she is thinking. She is an official member of the nursery at church now too, it is definitely bittersweet :-). I'm proud of her and love to watch her grow up, but it is also sad to think she's not our little baby anymore!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Weekend Pictures

It seems everyday of my life is super busy, yet at the end of the day I wonder, "What did I do today?!" Well, it was the same old story this weekend. Here is the documented proof of the non-productive activities I managed to squeeze in :-):
This happened while I was working Friday night. Mike said Addie walked in saying "hat, hat" and then not long after, "help, help" because the basket was really stuck on her little head.
Saturday the girls and I ran errands all around town. We stopped by La Centera and happened to catch this dance performance. Ella was fascinated and wanted to stay and watch more, but after 3 songs I was dripping with sweat, even at 10:30am!

One of our stops included Party City and let me just say Ella and Addie were AMAZED by all of the fun goodies they had. Ella ran from one thing to another yelling to me, "LOOK, MOM!!!!" I think we are pretty much set for her party and I'm wanting to talk her out of the pinata; we'll see, it just seems like so much money for such a short thrill.
By the time our errands were done it was 12:30pm and we were all STARVING, so we made an impulsive stop at Qdoba. They had one in Provo and Mike was thrilled to find out they were opening one here (I-10 & Mason) because they serve shredded beef. I really like the food, but the shredded beef isn't quite what Mike was looking for. The pork is YUMMY though!
Mike took the girls to our neighborhood park this morning so I could have a little much needed "me time" and they had a blast! The most exciting moment was when a bird flying by dropped a HUGE, FUZZY catepillar out of the sky onto the sidewalk for the girls to play with :-).

Ella bringing back the escaping Addie....and then the catepillar is spotted...

This little guy could MOVE!

A classic Addie moment....
I'm not sure what was so enticing about the pool, but these pictures are in the order Mike took them, so for some reason the girls kept going back and standing at the gate.

All ready for church, except for Addie who we had to wake up...she just wanted a snack!

And lastly, Addie showing Ella how FUN it is to let Nemo crawl on your arm (Ella is almost convinced).