Monday, July 7, 2008

Ella's 1st Friend...My 1st Texas Friend

I spent so much of my life moving around that I never really had to experience what it was like to be the one watching someone else go somewhere new. I always felt it was definitely harder on me since I had to leave everything I was familiar with, but I suppose in many ways it is probably even stranger to the friends who stayed right where they were but still had a change to go through.
My first real friend in Texas, Sheree, and her cute family are moving to Dallas this week :-(. We both had moved to Houston right from BYU and were trying to figure everything out, especially as first time moms. I remember meeting Sheree and thinking that we were definitely too different to become good friends. I, of course, was wrong! One thing I have definitely learned as I have gotten older is that our lives would be really boring if we only were friends with people who were just like us.
We began meeting to walk around Memorial Park with Ella and Andrew in their strollers, and the more we talked the more I grew to like Sheree. We actually had a lot in common and her more outgoing and social personality has led me to make many friends that I would otherwise have totally missed out on. We grew up together as mothers in many ways and I learned a lot from her - like to just chill out a little bit and not let everything worry me so much :-)! She is such a fun mom, Ella always loved going to play at their house!
Ella is really going to miss Andrew too! Even though life has become busier and they didn't play as often, when we finally did match up our schedules, Ella was always sooo excited and Andrew has always treated her so kindly! We have both been in Katy the past 2 years and it is going to be strange to not have her call us and tell us what pool they are going to, or not being able to just plan a last minute get-together :-(.
I am sooo sad to see you go Sheree, but I know you will LOVE it in Dallas and we'll definitely come and visit when the A's are in town :-)! You better post on your blog more often now that we won't get to see you guys every week (also, don't forget that Andrew and Ella still MUST get married :-)! no new girlfriends in Dallas).
Here are some of the highlights of the last 4 years...

We had one last day to play today and I'll post picture of it later...I had to capture everything :-)!


Pineapple Hill said...

Those pictures are adorable! I remember visiting you when Ella was tiny and meeting Sheree and Andrew. I'm sure you guys will keep in touch forever!

Christina bambina said...

Talking about first friends! I consider you one of my first friends, even if we lost track of eachother I still have sweet memories.

About my travels:

You could always come over and take a trip with me!!!! :)

It would be a blast! Even if we just went to Rome or Florence, I'm sure you would love it!
Maybe when the girls get a little older, you could leave them with your Mom for 10 days...and you could come over! that would be sooo fun!
Oh please oh please oh please think about it!

McKell and John said...

Well that made me cry! those cuties really have grown up together and are just meant to be! Good thing she's got a pretty cute back up ;)

Kayley said...

marci that was kind of sad to look at :( and i think you should for sure take christina up on her offer... if you wait until i move back to tx next spring i'll help watch the girlies.