Friday, July 25, 2008

Finding Nemo

Well, last night was the monthly book club meeting, this time at my house. I really had wanted to take a picture (I figured I had the right since I was hosting!) but I never got around to it. There was a great turnout, 17 people, and an interesting and informative discussion about George Washington. We were supposed to read a biography of George Washington (His Excellency and Washington, the Indispensable Man were suggested). I began reading His Excellency, but did not get through it...actually, I barely made a dent in it. I feel like we have just been so busy lately, but the book was actually much more interesting than I had expected, so I will attempt it again later (and I mean LATER, for next month I need to get through Pride and Prejudice!). One of the ladies from church who is studying history went through Washington's life though and it was really quite fascinating. I have never been one for U.S. history and I must admit that my interest has been sparked. It really sounds like Washington was quite a remarkable man. He seemed to embrace the fact that he was not perfect and as a result was able to lead our country by surrounding himself with people that could fill his voids and challenge his ideas. As always, we enjoyed food and talking before and after. What I really love about book club is that we encompass all ages and stages of life, which makes for interesting opinions and discussions (not to mention we have read a large variety of books). It has really helped me make time for reading again!
So, onto the title of this post...
Yesterday we became the temporary guardians of a hermit crab named Nemo. After everyone had left from bookclub I began cleaning up and noticed this little orange thing on the counter. I went to inspect and realized that only the empty hermit crab shell was in the container and that Nemo had climbed out of his cage! It had not crossed my mind that he was capable of climbing out with his little crab legs, but now we know to keep that lid securely closed (don't worry Johnny, it won't happen again!).
Ella was definitely SCARED of Nemo at first, but she is warming up to the idea and loves watching him crawl around. I'm afraid the poor guy gets dizzy though because she spins the container in circles constantly trying to get a better look at him. This afternoon she was seeming very comfortable with him and getting really close so I asked her if she wanted to hold him. "NO!" was her immediate response...maybe in a few more days.

Addie loves watching Nemo too. I'm thinking this may be the kind of pet we can handle right now, but we'll see if the interest lasts.
Addie in the car this morning...
This is why I keep my camera with me at all times. She is really into having on sunglasses right now and most the time actually gets them on the right way, but who wants a picture of that?! This is much cuter :-)!
And a random story...
It is always fun to talk to Ella after I work out because she loves to talk about the new friends she has made, but NEVER knows their names. Apparently this is not a critical piece of information for children. As long as you both want to participate in the same activity, you are instant friends!
Today she told me, "My friend was playing with someone else so I found another friend and she told me 'are you my best friend?' and I told her 'yes.'"


Melissa said...

Finding Nemo, what a perfect title for a that cute story. And I enjoy our book club also.

Pineapple Hill said...

I can't believe Nemo can get around so well. Those pictures with Ella are so cute.

Vhiel said...

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