Friday, July 18, 2008

More Pool Pictures

We definitely love our pool days in the summer! I forgot the camera when we went earlier in the week and I kept thinking, "I wish I had it!" Today we met up with Mckell and Amy and their kiddos. The time flew by and before we knew it, it was past 1pm, no wonder Addie was getting a little grumbly :-).
Johnny, Ella and Addie during their lunch break...and Lauren going it alone :-).

Ella was just chilling - so cute! I had to run over to our stuff and grab the camera before she moved.

This morning I was cleaning up the kitchen and walking by the family room I caught the girls reading nicely together on the couch. It was definitely picture-worthy! It sometimes seems like most of my day is spent making sure they are being nice and not harassing each other, so I love to catch the sweet moments they share! (oh, and notice Addie's shoes!)


Christina bambina said...

THE SHOES! THE SHOES! IT'S ALL ABOUT THE SHOES! ahahahhahahahah totaly cute!

Sarah S said...

I'm jealous of the pools you get to go to! Ours all cost a ton and I was too cheap this summer to join any of them. So we have sandy towels and swimsuits instead from going to the lake :) Those pictures are really fun, especially Ella lounging in the water.

Emily said...

Which pool was that? It didn't look crowded at all (my kind of pool with the new babe and all!) I love the pics of them reading on the couch!

Amy said...

We had a lot of fun at the pool, too! We'll have to do it again next week.