Saturday, July 12, 2008

So Texan!

We get a free Katy Magazine every few months in the mail and last night I was flipping through the most recent issue and came upon an article about the Katy police chief. I don't think of Katy as a stereotypical Texan town, but I thought our police chief was too cute and fit the mold of Texas cop to a tee. His nickname is even Buddy! I thought all you non-Texas dwellers may be curious to see him :-) (check out the article for pics). Kim, I know you are hoping you are moving here now :-)!


Pineapple Hill said...

I really feel like a Texan now!

Sarah S said...

that is the FUNNIEST picture. I think I would fall over if I saw someone like that walking in the street in Chicago. He definitely looks like the stereotypical Texan! Mike should take some pointers from him... grow a mustache and wear a big hat :)

Kim said...

WHERE is my moving van??!!