Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Three J's

I know this must be a good season of The Bachelorette because after watching only one episode Mike is hooked again :-)...well, maybe not hooked, but he is watching it with me and he had long given up on the show.
But onto the good stuff...
Jeremy: "I can't imagine life without her." I was really surprised by the weirdness between Jeremy and DeAnna on their date. Although he has never been a personal favorite, he always did have a good connection with her and there were many awkward pauses throughout the day. He was especially being a weirdo at the beginning of the dinner date, but did go on to say some really sweet things to her. In the end I was glad he was the one cut and definitely thought it made sense when DeAnna explained later that she had wanted so badly to fall in love with him because they had the special connection of going through the loss of a parent. It was painful to watch their sad goodbye at the end of the episode, I felt absolutely terrible because although I may not have loved Jeremy, I do think he was sincere in his feeling for DeAnna.
Jason: she and Ty are "the two most important things in my life." Talk about hitting a homerun! Jason's date with DeAnna couldn't have gone any better. They looked like a couple and acted like a couple - I don't know what else to say :-)! I had no doubt he was going to get a rose!
Jesse: "I'm falling for you so hard." I love that Jesse is so genuinely excited about everything that happens to him. I also love that now that he finally kissed DeAnna he has turned into a kiss-a-holic. He was trying to kiss her wherever and whenever he could :-). I have always liked Jesse but am still surprised that he has come so far, just because they seem so different in so many ways. But he does make her laugh and he is ready to marry her and both those are high on her priority list.

I was thrilled when the reunion show came on right after! Usually we have to wait a whole week for it, which in turn delays the finale one week. I couldn't believe how intense it was, way more than usual when it is a group of girls, which I thought was interesting. The two main things I took away from that episode...
Ryan is SO INTENSE (which some of you picked up on more than I did when he was actually on the show)! He needs to chill out and loosen up - hopefully he'll get married soon...I think that may help him :-).
Good riddance to Graham is what I would be thinking if I were DeAnna. He has some growing up to do still for sure and I bet seeing him and how he acted toward her last night only made her more confident in the decision she made to cut him!

Let me hear them!
I really like both the guys that are left, but I think Jason will be the one in the end. With him she'll have to take on being a mom immediately and with Jesse she would have to take on living in new places - both changes from the life she is used to. I guess Jesse could sneak in there at the end too, but a life together with Jason seems more plausible.


Diane said...

another great pair of episodes that delivered, in my opinion, the best entertainment on tv right now. if people aren't convinced that jeremy is a sincere, great guy by now, they never will. it was sooo sad to see his heart broken...and he is still dealing with it. i hope the experience has helped him see he can love and trust a woman (hopefully it didn't do the opposite). and by the way, what happened to graham? he didn't look too great without facial hair...sitting next to him, jeremy looked much better.

as far as the remaining two: jason is the sure bet. but jesse is more exciting to her (she acted a little like she used to with graham). i guess after being married 31 years, i think she should go for security. even though i actually think jesse is the more appealing of the two, how is he going to support them while she is busy having 3 kids before she hits 30? he is "weining" himself off of snowboarding and wants to be a sports agent. didn't he see jerry maquire? that is a tough life.

deanna is very practical and level headed, my prediction is she will choose jason.

it is funny that mike watched with you, because steve does not like the bachelor series and he watched it last night too!

Allie said...

I'll agree with both of you, Jason is the most logical and practical choice of the two. I like Jesse but she definitly deep down wants more security and Jason has that. I'll be floored if she chooses Jesse in the end.

J was way into it last night too. How funny is it that all the guys are just as hooked. He was making comments and even had to rewind a few times to listen to it again. The Men Tell All was crazy intense. Poor Jeremy's feelings were still hurt, it was hard to watch. As for Graham, his comments come out so immature sometimes, but also I think because of the past he is having a hard time redeeming himself. I am just glad he isn't still standing at the end of it all.

Sara Jean said...

I am sooooo hoping that it's Jason. I think he is exactly what DeAnna is looking for and they seem to be a perfect match for each other. I really like Jesse too, but for some reason I am not as sure about him.

Kendall and Lee'sa said...

I like them both, but I think she's more in to Jason. I hope I remember to watch next week. I've missed a few just from simply forgetting.

Leighanna said...

I am almost always wrong in my predictions - which means Jesse will win because I think it will be Jason! DeAnna and Jason seem very real, natural and comfortable. Jesse is adorable, but he has NO IDEA what he wants to do with the rest of his life - that's a big risk to take and I think DeAnna is looking for stability - which she has in Jason.

Pineapple Hill said...

I am soooo hoping she chooses Jason. I think he is perfect for her. I can't believed I'm hooked to this show now. Thanks Marci!:)