Thursday, July 24, 2008

To Clean or To Blog

I am hosting our ward book club tonight and I need to get cleaning, but quite frankly I would MUCH rather be blogging :-)! I will make it quick though, I do not have much more time to procrastinate. Here are some pictures from this morning...I think one of my favorite series of pictures yet:

And some pictures from yesterday too:

Miss Janet gave the girls these bears yesterday and they have been loving them ever since. We also got to see Miss Venitha at the library (for the first time in 3 weeks) so it was an especially exciting day :-)!
Ella and Addie showing off their loot from all the summer reading clubs (notice Addie's bear still in hand).
Addie being funny and putting this plastic egg on her nose, followed by Ella noticing that I deemed the act picture worthy and running in with a sticker on her nose for me to capture as well :-).


Sarah S said...

Blogging is always the better choice! :) I love the girls in their matching dresses. And I think they are more loved by staff people than anyone I know! How fun to get those little treasures.

Allie said...

I love Ella in all the pictures because she is flowing everywhere and posing even while Addie has "her moment".

Kendall and Lee'sa said...

I'm sad I missed the book club tonight. We had some things to do, but I can't wait to hear how it went. Tell us what you learned.