Sunday, July 27, 2008

Weekend Pictures

It seems everyday of my life is super busy, yet at the end of the day I wonder, "What did I do today?!" Well, it was the same old story this weekend. Here is the documented proof of the non-productive activities I managed to squeeze in :-):
This happened while I was working Friday night. Mike said Addie walked in saying "hat, hat" and then not long after, "help, help" because the basket was really stuck on her little head.
Saturday the girls and I ran errands all around town. We stopped by La Centera and happened to catch this dance performance. Ella was fascinated and wanted to stay and watch more, but after 3 songs I was dripping with sweat, even at 10:30am!

One of our stops included Party City and let me just say Ella and Addie were AMAZED by all of the fun goodies they had. Ella ran from one thing to another yelling to me, "LOOK, MOM!!!!" I think we are pretty much set for her party and I'm wanting to talk her out of the pinata; we'll see, it just seems like so much money for such a short thrill.
By the time our errands were done it was 12:30pm and we were all STARVING, so we made an impulsive stop at Qdoba. They had one in Provo and Mike was thrilled to find out they were opening one here (I-10 & Mason) because they serve shredded beef. I really like the food, but the shredded beef isn't quite what Mike was looking for. The pork is YUMMY though!
Mike took the girls to our neighborhood park this morning so I could have a little much needed "me time" and they had a blast! The most exciting moment was when a bird flying by dropped a HUGE, FUZZY catepillar out of the sky onto the sidewalk for the girls to play with :-).

Ella bringing back the escaping Addie....and then the catepillar is spotted...

This little guy could MOVE!

A classic Addie moment....
I'm not sure what was so enticing about the pool, but these pictures are in the order Mike took them, so for some reason the girls kept going back and standing at the gate.

All ready for church, except for Addie who we had to wake up...she just wanted a snack!

And lastly, Addie showing Ella how FUN it is to let Nemo crawl on your arm (Ella is almost convinced).


Brittany said...

The story of Addie's hat is so cute and that caterpillar is huge! We've seen some big cock roaches around our house, but no cute big bugs!

Pineapple Hill said...

I love seeing how the girls are such great friends. It is so cute.
I want to try that restraunt some time. Still haven't gone! We need to go to Mission Burrito too.

michele cabiness said...

My favorite pics are the ones of Addie bending over to look at the caterpiller. Soooo cute!

Stephanie said...

looks like a fun weekend, and the girls look so sweet together

Sarah S said...

fun! those pics are great. what did you do during your me time??

Marci said...

Sat at the computer...surprise, surprise :-)! I caught up on people's blogs and worked on a blurb book of my Oregon girls' trip.

Melissa said...

I am really trying hard today to get on your top 10 commentors. Of course I need to be something else right now.... but anyway, I just drove that restaurant yesterday and now I will have to check it out. And cute caterpillar story.