Saturday, August 16, 2008

Boycotting the Olympics

Well, I'm not really, but I just wanted to quickly say that I have become such a cry-baby as I get older. I cry nearly everytime I watch someone win the gold, and I cry when they don't win too. Ella and I were watching the gymnastics final yesterday afternoon and I was totally crying when our girls won gold and silver. Ella thought there was something wrong with me and I tried to explain I was just so happy for them because they worked their whole lives for this and THEY DID IT! She just told me, "stop crying...(still crying)...STOP crying mom!" Then a little while later she came upstairs fake crying and told me she was sad too :-). What will I be like by the time they get married?! Scary :-)!


Allie said...

I can completely relate with you in your uncontrollable emotions during the Olympics. I was just telling my mom that I never used to cry at anything, now I can hardly look at Michael Phelps mom without crying. It's almost embarresing.

Diane said...

I love it that you are moved to tears; I think it is very sweet. I'm a cryer too and I hate to tell you, it only gets worse with age. I cried today when I heard Mike's new song that Steve added bass to.

Liz L said...

I am so glad someone else cries when they watch the Olympics! I love to watch the games but I am always such a mess! I wish I could watch them with you - you would pass the kleenexes without giggling ;)