Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ella's Family Party - Astro's Game

We decided it was most appropriate to celebrate Ella's birthday with one of her favorite activities, a baseball game :-)! Ok, so it's not HER favorite, but she does love the hot dogs and if Mike gets his way one day it WILL be HER favorite too.
We had my parents and grandparents over for some food and fun before the game (and if you are a follower of my recipe blog, I made the Cowboy Beef Dip and personally felt that although it wasn't bad, it wasn't blog worthy either).
We had a bit of a crisis when we went to make the cake for that night and the cupcakes for her party the next day, but we got it under control. We ended up making the vanilla cake from scratch and stuck with our chocolate mix for the cupcakes. When you see the cake below you'll see what a great cake-decorating duo Ella and I are :-)!

Nana and Grandad gave Ella an Aurora costume that she wore for her party the next day. She loved it and while we were all talking I noticed she had taken it over to the corner to admire it with some privacy :-).

It started raining right as we arrived by the park. I made everyone look at me for a picture while we waited for Mike to finish parking and they were SO excited about it :-)!

It's SO weird that Addie doesn't just love Ella's hugs...they seem so soft and loving :-).

Josh, Stephanie and baby Eli met us at the game too.

Addie made good friends with the guy sitting in front of us. I wish I had on video how she would lean right over his shoulder into his face and just start talking to him :-)! She gave us all a good laugh and once again forced us to make new friends.
The girls (and I) were getting bored by the end of the 12-2 slaughter of the Astro's by the Diamondbacks, but luckily we had this guy sitting not too far away to provide entertainment :-). I didn't get a good picture of the back of his shirt but it said "Grandpa Batty Boy" and he was full of enthusiasm at the beginning of the game. He also came fully prepared with stacks of signs for those around him to hold, a cow bell, a bird whistle and lot of innovative ideas for cheers. I didn't really care that the Astro's lost, but I honestly felt bad for this little guy when they did! I'm sure he was devastated.

Luckily the mood was lightened by the Friday fireworks show at the end of the game. We were able to see the roof open up which was pretty amazing and it was a great show, set to music and everything. Ella and Addie liked watching it as long as their ears were covered (actually Ella cried the first half, but gained courage as it went along and enjoyed the end).

I LOVE this last picture :-)! We're almost caught up now...Ella's Princess Party is up next!


Brittany said...

That looks like it was a lot of fun! I hope Mike gets his wish one day that Ella will love baseball games and not just for the hot dogs :) A lot of why I like baseball games though is for the company and food too!

Diane said...

I am sooooo sad we missed this fun day with all of you. I can't talk about it or I will start crying (see previous post) :)