Monday, August 18, 2008

Ella's Princess Party

Ella's 4th birthday party was Saturday and it went really well. I had been worried about running out of things to do, but we actually had the opposite problem this year and had to hurry things up at the end.
Here are our pretty princesses all ready for the party to begin...

We asked all Ella's little guests to come dressed as princes and princesses, so it was fun to see what each was wearing as they arrived. This year Ella actually had "friends" that she wanted to invite and nearly everyone was able to come. We had princess songs playing in the background and colored princess pictures as we waited for everyone to arrive. Guests each chose a beautiful necklace to wear as they entered Ella's castle :-).

Thanks to some quick thinking from Kayley and Nana we then played Frog, Frog, Princess and hot potato with Ella's new Elmo game from Grammy and Greatfrog.

Grammy was on Addie-patrol and although she looks all relaxed here, it was a tough job (especially when we started making necklaces)! Thanks Grammy!

The kids made some beautiful necklaces! This activity was definitely a hit...and it took MUCH more time than the coloring :-). Unfortunately, our little Snow White was not feeling well and helped us kill more time when she threw up during the next activity. All the moms helped to quickly clean up and none of the kids even seemed phased by it (luckily it did not get on anyone, unluckily Addie threw up the next day).

Boys will be boys :-). Johnny skipped most of the necklace making to play outside instead and Scott helped me out as the grill master, preparing many, many hotdogs.

Next we played Put the Glass Slipper on Cinderella. I called my mom that morning to ask her to bring something to use for a blindfold and she MADE this cute one for me - thanks mom :-)! (and thanks Mckell for taking pictures for me!)

On to the good! Our princes, clearly outnumbered by the princesses, chose to stick together at the other table until we lured them back over with cupcakes to decorate.

Time for presents and thank-you hugs :-)!
Lauren and Ella

and Johnny
and Emma
and Noah
and Angelina
and Hailey
and Abi
The whole party crew!
Addie enjoying her very own goodie bag :-).
After everyone left Ella opened her present from Aunt Kayley (LeeLee) and Uncle Scott.

Johnny left his prince crown (which Ella was VERY concerned about) and Addie had a great time playing with it and Ella's other new toys - it's almost like it was her birthday too :-)!

Annie missed the party, but was kind enough to stop by today.
Thanks everyone for coming and THANK YOU everyone for helping too! I appreciated it SOOO much! Ella loved every minute of it!


Emily said...

Looks like you guys were BUSY! Johnny told me yesterday that he had fun. Hope everyone is feeling better!

Diane said...

You are such a great mom! It takes a lot of energy and planning to create wonderful birthday memories. Thank heaven for Nana, Grammy, LeeLee and Scott takes a village! I can tell Ella felt like a real princess and loved sharing it with all of her friends. She and Addie are so Precious! Give them my love!

Annemarie said...

What a fun party! I can hardly wait to do a princess party!!

Christina Bambina said...
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Christina Bambina said...

Awwwww That looks like so much fun! Great job Marci and the gang!

(I bet you had just as much fun with the girls as they did!!!)

michele cabiness said...

Charlotte saw this post yesterday and asked if we could move to your town. Since then she has been planning her own princess party for December!

Hope said...
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The Nixon Family said...

so sad we were not there to celebrate. looks like a fun party. boo hoo. i hear addie threw up later. nice....

Anonymous said...

Just glad I didn't have to cook all those hot dogs. Scott, you get my vote for best new brother-in-law ever.

Melissa said...

Great party! Lauren had lots of fun. I think I told you this before but Lauren carried around her goodie bag forever or at least until it somehow managed to touch the hot iron and shriveled up in seconds. Oh, and I might have to hijack some of those pictures of Lauren and Ella. Thanks!

Tip Junkie said...

Hey! I know one of those cuties. I can't believe how big she's gotten since we moved. {{teary}}