Sunday, August 3, 2008

It's Tradition...It's Bright...It's Moving...It's Aunt Jemima

Leave it to the men in our lives to come up with interesting spots to place our children. Mike thought it was really funny to put Ella on the shelf in her closet when she was little and yesterday Addie finally got her own try at this great Freeman family tradition :-). And don't worry, Mike is right there...he may be a little crazy, but he does try to keep them safe most of the time.

(here is Ella at 4 months old...the original closet shelf sitter!)

Ella has a sensitivity to sunlight apparently. She does like to wear her sunglasses, which I think is adorable, but also MUST have them while swimming because it is so bright. Although most kids don't seem to mind and just play in the water, I happen to agree with her that the pool can be BRIGHT, reflecting the sun. Today, however, was a little much. We were in our extremely shady front yard to take pictures before church and she could hardly bear to look at me due to the "brightness." I appreciate that she still tried, especially in the last one :-)!

After church I briefly attempted a picture of both girls. They looked so cute both wearing lavendar and white dresses, but by this point it had been a long day and all they wanted to do was run around and eat some dinner.

Addie was sprinting all over the backyard and I neglected to put my camera in action mode, so these were the pictures I got! Her little dress came with a matching head scarf, which I think is hilarious :-). I had to get some pictures of our very own Aunt Jemima!


Diane said...

I love baby Jemima! The girls look so pretty in their dresses and Ella is so cute rubbing her eyes in the bright sun.

Mike gets full credit for starting this family tradition. Everyone knows that in order to qualify as a true "Freeman Family Tradition", it has to somehow involve food :)

Sarah S said...

that Jemima look is hilarious!! Ella's hair looks so cute. I love that they are in similar dresses - so cute.

Emily said...

My niece is the same way with sunlight. Her mom--also an avid picture taker--worked out an arrangment. Emery stands ready for the picture with her eyes closed and her mom counts to three. On three, Emery opens her eyes and Hollie snaps the pic! So far it works well for them!