Saturday, August 9, 2008

Kayley's Wedding Sneak Peak

It's all over! Kayley Miner is no more... she and Scott are married and off on their honeymoon! The wedding was beautiful and everything came together in the most amazing way! Jana took INCREDIBLE pictures! We are so thankful she came out during this crazy (and I mean CRAZY) time in her life...thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! (not to mention I LOVED catching up with her after all these years!) It may be a little while before she gets the chance to edit the pics she took, so here are just a couple she took Thursday of Kayley and Scott that we printed out to have displayed at the reception. I cannot wait to see the pictures from the actual event and what she does with them! The people of Helena, Montana are very lucky indeed to have Janna Beecher Photography coming their way!

Janna let me use her other camera while she was shooting them and of my many pictures, these are the ones I liked. Someday I'll be amazing like Janna...hopefully :-)!


Christina Bambina said...

love the flowers! love the colors! love the dress! love the pictures! can't wait to see more! I bet you had so much fun!

Sarah S said...

They are such a cute couple! I'm excited to see more pictures :)

The Chrissy Herself said...

AHHHH everything was so beautiful! Im so sad I missed it but thanks for putting up pics, Marc! How fun!!!