Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Last One Before the Wedding!

Kayley gets married the day after tomorrow - CRAZY! I am taking a break from cleaning my house (I never got started yesterday :-) to post one more time before the weekend...hopefully the next post will be full of fun wedding photos! This morning while I was working on the upstairs I turned off the vacuum for a minute and heard silence in the house, never a good sign. I began searching for the girls and found them coloring so nicely together that I had to take some pictures :-).

Tomorrow I'll be picking up Janna from the airport, heading downtown with her, Kayley and Scott for some pre-wedding shots (I wish Mike and I had done that!), and then we'll enjoy dinner with everyone that night- YUM! Friday of course is the big day...I feel stressed out for my mom when I think about everything coming up, but it will all be over soon and I know it will all go smoothly AND look beautiful!

Last night after dinner the girls and I made some banana popsicles. Ella had been REALLY excited about them :-)! They were good - the chocolate mix is a magic-shell type substance so you just freeze the bananas for a little while, dip them and the chocolate hardens on top.

Here is Mack's first campaign ad. It will begin airing Aug. 12th in St. John's county and his next ad is going to focus on public safety.


Pineapple Hill said...

Thanks for sharing in my stress!
Hugs, Mom

Kim said...

I kinda like the smaller bows... but I've never been a fashionista. What I love the most is that Ella passed on the t-shirt but wore a bracelet to make those banana pops.